Uruguay Big Favorites to Take Down Paraguay for Copa America

Uruguay is a solid favorite to take home the Copa America 2011 Championship title on Sunday, July 24.  The South American squad faces another nation from S.A. in Paraguay, and although Paraguay has been very good during this tournament, so far sports handicappers are all over the Uruguayans.  Uruguay is a solid -220 favorite to take it to Paraguay, who is at +170 to win Copa America 2011.  The reason for the love floating to Uruguay can be summed up in one word, offense.  Uruguay has it and Paraguay apparently does not.

Where:  Estadio Monumental Antonio Vespucio Liberti, Buenos Aires, Argentina
When:  July 24, 2011

Uruguay         -220
Paraguay        +170

Even though the Paraguayans find themselves in the championship game on Sunday, they have yet to score a goal in the Final Stages, in two games, in regulation.  Paraguay upset the brilliant Brazilians in the Quarterfinals by winning the game on penalty kicks, 2 to 0.  They took down Venezuela in the Semifinals by winning the game on penalty kicks 5 to 3. Both games ended in 0-0 ties before going to penalty kicks.

Now, Paraguay faces the exceptional Uruguayans who beat Argentina with penalty kicks, 5 to 4, after playing the host country to a 1 to 1 tie during regulation in the Quarterfinals.  Uruguay then smacked Peru in the Semifinals 2 to 0 on July 19.  Uruguay is led by the awesome Luis Suarez.  The current Liverpool player has scored three goals during Copa America 2011 including kicking one home against Peru.  If Paraguay’s stingy defense can’t stop Suarez, then, most likely, the odds makers will have gotten it correct.

Paraguay figures to play an ultra-defensive game on Sunday.  It worked against Brazil in the Quarterfinals and it worked against Venezuela in the Semifinals, but Uruguay is better than just Luis Suarez.  If Paraguay pays too much attention to Suarez, Diego Perez could take advantage.  The defensive midfielder scored the goal against Argentina in the Quarterfinals and figures to be more aggressive than usual against Paraguay depending on how the Paraguyans defend against Suarez.