BetFlix – Georges St. Pierre Chimes In On UFC 111

It’s impossible not to love Georges St-Pierre. One of the hardest working men in the UFC, St. Pierre has clawed his way back from injury to defend his Welterweight Championship at UFC 111 against Dan Hardy.

He sat down recently with Betflix to give us his thoughts on his talents, his career and whether Hardy even deserves to be in the octagon with him.

The MMA is one of the only sports where athletes are able to be completely candid in interviews, and Georges St. Pierre doesn’t refrain in this interview. When asked about Hardy’s credibility as a number-one contender, St-Pierre rightfully justifies the MMA betting matchup at UFC 111 by citing Hardy’s undefeated record.

Early on in the interview, St-Pierre notes that he’s “beaten everyone” and this is becoming a running sub-plot in his career. At the welterweight level of competition, St-Pierre has no equal and everyone is waiting for the day when he decides to put on the weight that will allow him to fight bigger and stronger opponents like Anderson Silva.

To his credit, the Quebec native hasn’t lost a fight in three years and is undefeated in his last six fights. Three of those have been decided by unanimous decision, two by TKO and one by submission.

While St-Pierre is considered a masterful jack of all trades, Hardy is regarded primarily as a striker. That’s made him a major underdog in this fight because everyone assumes that Hardy’s just going to try and wail away with St-Pierre and hope to land one on the button and claim the title.

Even St-Pierre isn’t underestimating Hardy, however, and notes that “he’s not a stupid guy”. In a sport where you’re literally trying to punch your opponent in to oblivion, it’s refreshing to see St-Pierre sing the praise of his upcoming opponent so honestly.

It’s been over eight months since we’ve had the pleasure of seeing St-Pierre step in to the octagon and defend his championship. His stranglehold on the welterweight division has led to many assuming that it’s time for him to move on to seek stiffer competition in the heavier weight classes.

For my money, however, it’s just a pleasure to see the guy fight again after waiting so long. If you’re itching to see the reigning Welterweight Champion and can’t wait till Saturday, then check out the video and enjoy St-Pierre’s thoughts. It’ll give you the fix you need before we see the champ again at UFC 111.

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