UFC 94 BetUS Blogger Betstravaganza Recap

Not to take away any of your valuable time researching the UFC 94 lube-gate, I’ll get straight to the results… (Click HERE to check out what the original picks were from each contestant)

The winner of the UFC 94 edition of the BetUS Blogger Betstravaganza is…Ben Goldstein from Cage Potato!

Ben’s $250 parlay on St. Pierre + Machida + Fitch + O'Brien to win $573.52 sealed the deal for him. His $150 parlay on Bonnar + Diaz and long shot pick of Gono didn’t work out, but the big parlay was enough to give him the title, turning his $500 of virtual money into $823.52

Total Profit: $323.52

Second place goes to Damon Martin from MMAWeekly, who walked away with $ 613.71 betting mostly favorites but making up for it with a great underdog win with his Jon Jones bet.

Total Profit: $113.71

Third Place goes to me, but not because I made any money, but because I bet the farm on GSP and that bet saved my ass and I only ended up losing $23 bucks.

Total Profit: -$23.53

Percy from Fighthype just got unlucky with his uber diverse ticket, but he pulled out a few to keep my virtual money collectors away.

Total Profit: -$392.50

The same can’t be said for the next two players, who both saw virtual dollar signs and took their $500 and tried to ride longshots and parlays into the promised land. It didn’t work out so well:

Ryan from Fightlinker

Total Profits: -$500

Jesse from MMAMania

Total Profits: -$500

Well that’s it; Ben gets the title for this round but believe me, we’ll all be back gunning for the belt in a few short weeks for the UFC 95 edition of the BetUS Blogger Betstravaganza.

Congrats Ben, enjoy it while it lasts.