UFC 94 - BetUS Blogger Betstravaganza

Fightlinker vs MMaMania vs CagePotato vs MmaWeekly vs FightHype vs the Bookie.

It’s the Inaugural edition of the BetUS Blogger Betstravaganza! Sooo, what the hell is it?

We’ve tracked down some of our favorite MMA bloggers, and are pitting them head to head in an MMA betting battle royale.

Each of the participants was given a “virtual” $500 to spend any way they want on UFC 94. Betting on anybody, parlaying anything, with the object of course to make the most MONEY (of the virtual kind) off this event.

Now you know as well as I do that if any of us were good at making money, we wouldn’t be bloggers, so this definitely has a bit of train wreck possibility to it.

The following is a list of the odds, followed by the selections made by our blogging bettors;


Georges St Pierre -170 vs BJ Penn +130

Lyoto Machida -300 vs Thiago Silva +200

Stephan Bonnar -175 vs Jon Jones +135

Karo Parisyan -350 vs Dong Hyun Kim +250

Nate Diaz -125 vs Clay Guida -105

Jon Fitch -600 vs Akihiro Gono +350

Manny Gamburyan Ev vs Thiago Tavares -130

Chris Wilson -350 vs John Howard +275

Jake O Brien -300 vs Christian Wellisch +200

Matt Arroyo -180 vs Dan Cramer +150


Percy from FightHype.com:

Percy has spread the wealth around on this card, hoping that volume might make up for favorable odds.

$50 on Nate Diaz to win: $40.00

$200 Akihiro Gono to win: $700.00

$25 on Thiago Tavares to win: $20.00

$25 Chris Wilson to win: $7.14

$25 Christian Wellisch to win: $50.00

$25 on Dan Cramer to win: $37.50

Total Potential Winnings: $898.68

Jesse Holland from MmaMania.com

This self proclaimed Nostro-dumbass puts all his eggs in the Jones- Wellisch basket looking for a ridiculous payout.

$500 parlay of Jon Jones and Christian Wellisch to win $3025.00

Ryan from Fightlinker.com

To nobody’s surprise, Ryan took all his virtual money and bought a whole bunch of virtual beer with it, then got virtually drunk, then chose the gnarliest parlay I have ever seen:

$500 dollar Parlay of Georges St Pierre + Stephan Bonnar + Jon Fitch + Chris Wilson + Matt Arroyo to Win $2411.76

Ben Goldstein from CagePotato.com

Ben’s bet is similar in philosophy to Ryan’s from Fightlinker, except he’s sober, and hasn’t completely lost his mind.

$250 parlay on St. Pierre + Machida + Fitch + O'Brien to win $573.52

$150 parlay on Bonnar + Diaz to win $274.27

$100 on Dong Hyun Kim to win $250

Total Potential Winnings: $1097.79

Damon Martin from MMAWeekly.com

I’m dubbing Damon “Captain Conservative” here, this is a safe ticket, and a lot of times that the best way to ensure you stay interested, but live to play another day.

$250 on GSP to win: $147.05

$100 on Dong Hyun Kim to win: $250

$50 on Lyoto Machida to win: $16.66

$50 on Christian Wellisch to win: $67.50

$ 50 on Jon Jones to win: $100

Total Potential Winnings: $581.21

Damon D From BetUS Sports Radio

My approach? Hell, this is virtual money, I’m betting on who I want to win, that way when I win, I win.

$100 Parlay of Parysian + Bonnar + Machida to win: $169.38

$300 on GSP to win: $176.47

$50 on Christian Wellisch to win: $100.00

$50 on Akihiri Gono to win: $175.00

Total Potential Winnings: $620.85

Tune in Monday for a recap and all the results, as well as the crowning of the first ever BetUS Virtual Betting Blogger Heavyweight Champion of the Universe.

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