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Saturday, bettors turn their focus to the Octagon and take in UFC 72 - Victory being held at Odyssey Arena, in Northern Ireland.

Headlining this magnificent card is Rich ''Ace'' Franklin and Yushin Okami. The former UFC Middleweight champion Franklin brings a 23-2-0 record and excellent striking skills to the cage. He's a well-rounded fighter who gets the respect of oddsmakers, who've made him the favorite at -185. The former champion and Ultimate Fighter coach wants his belt back, but must first dispose of Okami in order to get another title shot.


Okami (+145) will again try to make oddsmakers look foolish by cashing in as the underdog. Underdogs have fattened the wallets of puppy players in the last four UFC main events. Ground-and-pound will be Okami's weapon of choice. Owning a record of 21-3-0, Okami has won his last six bouts and has never lost inside a cage.

Also, there's two additional middleweight battles on this great card as Rory "Outburst" Singer takes on Jason "The Athlete" MacDonald and Scott "Hands of Steel" Smith locks up with Ed "Short Fuse" Herman.

Singer (12-7-0) brings excellent striking skills to the cage against MacDonald (19-8-0), a former kickboxing champion, who'll utilize his good conditioning and strong standup game. The two will be looking to land big bombs, making for great betting action.


Smith (13-3-0) will try to get the job done against Herman (14-4-0) by showcasing awesome punching power and strong wrestling skills. Herman, a fan favorite due to his fiery persona on the Ultimate Fighter show, also has impressive wrestling abilities and an aggressive ground-and-pound style. This fight may go to the ground with big punches being thrown in what'll be a physical and exciting battle.

As well, Hector" Sick Dog" Ramirez will get it on with Forrest Griffin, one of the most popular UFC fighters in recent history. Ramirez (6-2-1) is a sound puncher with good wrestling techniques, while Griffin (13-4-0) is a stand-up artist. Griffin is a gritty fighter who loves to bang; making a name for himself won't come easy for Ramirez in this light heavyweight dandy.

Clay "The Carpenter" Guida will fight Tyson Griffin and the 155-pounders will not disappoint. Guida (21-4-0) is known for being able to survive vicious shots and is a tremendous wrestler with great endurance. Griffin is a relative newcomer to the Octagon, but owns a solid 8-1-0 record. He relies on an aggressive ground-and-pound tactic to claim victory.

Both men are coming off of disappointing losses (Guida to Din Thomas in January, Griffin to Frank Edgar less than a month later) and are looking to get back to their winning ways. This should prove to be another stellar match.

These are just a few of the great fights in UFC props. Are you ready? Let's get it on!

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