UFC 100 props - Can Coleman go the distance?

Dana White and the UFC certainly know how to please everybody. The centennial event for the hottest product on the face of the earth is this Saturday, and you would be hard pressed to find a sports fan, or MMA betting enthusiast who cannot find at least one thing on the fight card that intrigues or excites them.

Combatants from all over the world—United States, Brazil, Canada—appealing to all regions. Media stars, such as Brock Lesnar, headlining the main event. Frank Mir, the handsome face of technical mixed martial arts. Celebrities in the crowd, appealing to the new or casual fan tuning in for the first time to a pay-per-view event.

However, what the hardcore UFC betting fans appreciate is that White is allowing two legends to go at it on the undercard, to warm everyone up for the three big fights that everyone is talking about. For those fans, and also those who will be betting on UFC 100 however, the placement of the fight does not matter. Mark Coleman and Stephen Bonnar will face off in a three round tilt that will bring back memories of some of the greatest contests in the history of the sport.

Who would forget Bonnar, an underdog on UFC lines, going toe-to-toe with Forrest Griffin in the Ultimate Fighter finale? Or Coleman, also an underdog on UFC odds, winning the famed tournament at UFC 10 to become the first heavyweight champion in the history of the company?

The two legends will look to make perhaps one last memory for the fans, and offer up a very exciting UFC 100 props betting opportunity for the customers of the BetUS sportsbook. The matchup is a classic contrast between a pure puncher, and an accomplished wrestler. Naturally, the question is simply who will strike first, and perhaps more often. However, in this case, stamina is most likely the issue, especially considering the two fighters involved are in the twilight of their careers.

Coleman has shown that the incredible stamina he once displayed is no longer in his arsenal, barely getting through three rounds with Shogun Rua. In addition, he has not been able to take a punch recently. Bonnar seems to have the advantage, having fought off pure wrestlers before—and given that he certainly knows how to throw a punch.

Those betting on UFC 100 and props betting should take a look at this fight to go under three rounds, and also end in a Bonnar knockout.