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The 2010 Winter Olympics is in full swing with USA leading the pack with 25 medals. Germany is sitting at 22 medals, Norway at 15 medals, the Russian Federation at 13 medals and host country Canada has 11 medals.

The medal counts are constantly changing daily and there’s still a lot more to come to keep all your sports betting needs alive.

Olympic Hockey continues to be a top draw as Team USA leads as top seed in the tournament so far, although Team Canada is still the gold-medal favorite. 

Team Russia is No. 3 seed for now, but if this tournament has shown us anything, it’s that you just never know what’s going to happen.

Perfect example being Team Canada, who was slated early in the tournament as being a shoo-in for the gold medal round, and now they are just trying to survive like any other team.

Could the pressures of playing at home just be too much or will Team Canada pull through and bring home the gold?  We’re getting closer to the final results and it just keeps getting more exciting. 

In women’s hockey, things are just as intense and it looks like we’re in for quite a game with bitter rivals Team Canada and Team USA vying for the gold.

In men’s curling there have been major upsets as USA fell completely out of medal contention.  While Team Canada is at the top of the pack with Norway and Switzerland close behind.  It’ll be exciting to see if Canada call pull through and take home the gold here.

Women’s curling is seeing lots of action as well with Canada, Sweden and China leading the pack. 

As we get closer to the end of another Winter Olympics, it’ll be interesting to see if host country Canada will be able to improve their medal count and finish as at least one of the top three countries as they had originally anticipated.

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