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Daryl Curnow
Daryl Curnow

Daryl Curnow

Daryl's Bio

Daryl is the resident Kiwi, who grew up in a horse racing family in South Auckland. His passion for all things racing and sport started from an early age, and when his dream of being a jockey ended at the first sight of a pie, writing about it seemed like a natural progression. Not holding allegiances to any sports team in the USA due to geography, he followed the first teams he watched, including the Green Bay Packers, Boston Celtics, and the Red Sox. At the age of 16, he used his parents' betting accounts to go semi-pro as a handicapper. That continued until 21, when he then became a horse racing journalist before moving into the world of online work. After stints working for betting websites all around the world, he settled into life at BetUS and never looked back. When he's not working, Daryl plays off a scratch handicap on the golf course and travels New Zealand to play events. When he makes one too many bogeys, he unwinds by playing poker, writing poetry, and dining out at the local restaurants.
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