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Eric Williams

Eric Williams

A native of hard-knocks Philadelphia, Eric Williams has been working his magic in the sports and sports betting betting industry for nearly two decades. The son of legendary track and field coach George ‘Papa Bear’ Williams, Eric is arguable the world’s biggest Boston Celtics and Miami Dolphins fan whose love of both franchise predates the legendary careers of Larry Bird and Dan Marino. A veteran of the United States Air Force Reserves and former LaSalle University and Penn State University student that lives, eats and breathes sports from sun up to sun down.

Eric landed his first professional sports writing job while still just a senior at Martin Luther King high school in Philadelphia and has held various titles in the print, broadcast and online journalism industry since then. In addition to his unrivaled expertise as a sports betting writer and analyst, Eric also doubles as a USPTA-certified tennis instructor and proud owner of Williams’ Sweet Spot Tennis Academy LLC just outside of San Antonio, Texas. In addition to his love for the sports betting industry, Eric is also an avid swimmer, runner, gardener and cook that has a love for feeding the homeless in and around San Antonio.

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