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Gilad Chudler

Gilad Chudler

A native of sunny Southern California, Gilad has been following sports since he can remember. A religious Lakers and Dodgers fan, the lifeline of these two teams run in his blood. Growing up he was also an athlete, competing for his high school as a football and soccer player.

In college he continued to play sports for fun and after he graduated from UCLA in 2007 he landed his first writing job covering poker and betting in Costa Rica.

Throughout the years he has continued to follow his favorite teams and continues to write about betting and sports from his current home in San Jose, Costa Rica. Living in the tropics Gilad has also developed a passion as a surfer, a sport that he also religiously follows.

Aside from writing about sports and betting, Gilad is also a passionate chef. He has had the pleasure of cooking for a number of former professional athletes and is always looking for ways to incorporate good nutrition into his cooking to help clients perform at their best.

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