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Matthew De Saro, a writer and media personality, has been at the forefront of online sports betting and casino gaming coverage since 2016. Hailing from the vibrant sports culture of New Jersey, De Saro's journey into the world of sports betting and gaming was inspired by his devotion to New York sports teams. Matthew specializes in covering major American sports, including the MLB, NFL, and NBA, from a betting standpoint. He prides himself on dissecting games, analyzing statistics, and delivering invaluable insights to his readers and viewers. In addition to sports betting, Matthew is a trusted source for reporting on sportsbooks and casinos nationwide. His in-depth coverage of the latest developments in the gambling world, from regulatory changes to emerging trends, keeps his readers informed and engaged. Matthew is a lifelong fan of the New York Yankees and Michigan Wolverines, collects autographs of Washington Nationals pitcher Josiah Gray, and met Usain Bolt at a club once but didn’t know who he was talking to until long after he left.

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