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Steve Tsilimos

Steve Tsilimos

Football may have been the first word out of Steve (aka Tater) Tsilimos’ mouth. His father, a high school football coach, taught him all about football, basketball, and baseball from a young age. While playing all three sports at a small high school in Ohio, football quickly became the sport he loved and excelled. After high school, he went on to study Economics at The University of Chicago while playing cornerback on the football team. Over 10 years ago, as a young student-athlete, Steve developed his sports betting skills on the side. Hundreds of hours of film study mixed with a mind that loves numbers, he quickly understood what a good bet looked like. After college, he took his betting to the next level and passed the Series 7 to become a registered stocks and bonds trader. Later, he became Coach Tater when he coached high school football with his father for two seasons. Now living in the jungles of Costa Rica, he uses his deep understanding of stats and trends to help him find the best bets.

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