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BetUS Sportsbook Reviews

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BetUS Sportsbook Reviews & Testimonials Online

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Reviews & Testimonials

BetUS Sportsbook Reviews
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 88 reviews
byJimmy Carlson onBetUS Sportsbook Reviews
Beginning of fun

You guys have me ready for some baseball. Futures bets - check. Over/unders - check. All your stories previewing the season has me up to date on all the moves. Let’s play ball and make some money!

byTeresa Wagner onBetUS Sportsbook Reviews
Runnin for Roses

Maybe it’s because of all the covid crap that ruined last year’s triple crown, but I’m so excited for the kentucky derby this year. I wish I could be there again for the mint juleps. But i’ve been watching the races to figure out who to bet on. Looking forward to all your coverage of the race and the horses to help me even more. May can’t come soon enough

byJason Bracker onBetUS Sportsbook Reviews

I’ve been hooked on golf betting since I took Tiger to win the Masters a couple years ago. I’m ready for the masters this year too. Not telling you my pick, but I know he’s going to come through for me like tiger did. The masters is the best tourney out there, but it’s even better when it brings me some green for picking who wins the green jacket.

byRyan Foster onBetUS Sportsbook Reviews
Can’t Be Stopped

It really sucks when your favorite team is one of the top seeds in the NCAA tournament but you can’t bet on them because your state doesn’t allow sportsbooks in the state to offer bets on them. That’s what makes Betus so great for me. I can bet on my Illini on every game with you guys. Going all the way baby! I-L-L!!

byJohn Creamer onBetUS Sportsbook Reviews
NBA player

It’s all about the NBA players baby. Forget point spreads or moneylines or who’s going to win the game. I just want to lay some money down on Jokic getting his triple-double, or Harden hitting some threes. I love your player props for NBA games, giving me a chance to bet on what I know - how good the players are. I let my friends worry about that final score.

bySarah Gross onBetUS Sportsbook Reviews
Deal em

Your site has the best and always reliable live dealers for my blackjack. I love it. Always a live dealer available for me to get my game on. I won’t play anywhere but BetuS!

byDan Russell onBetUS Sportsbook Reviews
Love the details

I do not have a gambling problem, but there is something about the unpredictability of spring training games that gets me excited. More than a regular season game. I love that you guys put up the odds for every spring training game. Never know what you’re gonna get on other sites, but I can always count on betus.

byJoan Conners onBetUS Sportsbook Reviews
Still Addicted

It’s been about a year now that I started getting into sports betting - with table tennis being my No. 1. I love that you continue to offer bets on the sport that so many people laugh at. I love it. I got into it during covid and just don’t want to give up, so please, don’t take my table tennis away.

byJohn Henderson onBetUS Sportsbook Reviews
Mad About March

Forget about Christmas. The most wonderful time of the year is March. Love betting on college basketball and love betting on BetUS. The perfect combination.

byJonathan Howard onBetUS Sportsbook Reviews
Let’s Vote

I have never been a sports guy. It just doesn’t interest me. But I have found your site to be a great place for me to place my bets on political races, and I’ve won some good money doing it. I’d love to see it expanded to even more races, and maybe foreign governments as well, in the future. But a Mayor race in a major city, or US Presidential race, gets me to your site every time. You’re a top-notch site in my eyes and have my loyalty going forward.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes BetUS a good sportsbook?

BetUS delivers the most up to date odds and analysis, with the most up to the minute wagering opportunities for their clients. They also provide the most complete, rapid response customer service for our clients, along with fast payouts and easy depositing.


Which online sportsbook is the best?

Many bettors across the globe will tell you that BetUS is the best sportsbook.


What sports can I bet on?

You can bet on any sport at BetUS. If they don;t have odds, you can ask and they will get them for you. They have all the major sports like football, basketball, soccer, hockey, baseball, MMA, and anything else you can think of.


Which sportsbooks have the quickest payouts?

The BetUS sportsbook approves payouts same-day Monday through Friday. You won’t find faster than that.


Is BetUS sportsbook a good odds provider?

Yes. BetUS uses Vegas-style odds that are up to the minute, and they have a large variety of odds to wager on.


Is BetUS legit?

BetUS accepts deposits, allows wagers to be placed within their betting system and pays out winnings to those who win in their sportsbook, facebook and casino. So yes, BetUS is legit.

Is BetUS legal?

BetUS is a legally-licensed sportsbook, racebook and casino, with offices in San Jose and is regulated by the governments of Curacao & Costa Rica.


Where is BetUS located?

BetUS has offices in San Jose and is also licensed and regulated by the government of Curacao & Costa Rica.


Is sports betting a good way to make money?

If you can pick winners, sports betting is a good way to make money. At BetUS, you can bet on every sport, and you can parlay most on one betting slip. Parlays are a great way to win a lot of money if you can pick more than one winning team.


How do I get my money out of BetUS?

You can make withdrawals from BetUS via cryptocurrencies, bank wire, check or MoneyGram.


Is sports betting a good idea?

Sports betting is a good idea if you want to make sports much more interesting and enjoyable. You do not have to bet huge sums of money on any game in order to use sports betting as a tool of enjoyment that can pay you handsomely when you pick winners.


Can I bet on sports from my phone?

BetUS has a mobile site you can bet from your phone on. It has everything their desktop site has, and is easy to use from wherever you are.