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Clavel in Showcase Match vs Ribera

Unbeaten Canadian Boxer Knocking on Door of Stardom

Perfect Record on Line

Kim Clavel could be one of the next boxing stars but will need to get past Mariela Ribera Valverde in what should be a clinic for her. The French-Canadian boxer is heavily favored on the boxing betting lines as she looks to extend her unbeaten record by making short work of Ribera.

The online gambling odds are making this one too obvious: This is Clavel’s fight and Ribera is just a steppingstone for her. Clavel (14-0-0, 2 KOs) is a part of the next generation of women’s boxers and this is our chance to get a glimpse of her in action. For Ribera (10-6-0, 8 KOs), the journeywoman has a once-in-a-lifetime shot to make a name for herself.

Clavel In A Showcase Match Against Ribera
AFP Photo / Natalia Kolesnikova

Ribera’s Shot at Glory

Who is Mariela Ribera Valverde? You would have to dig deep to find information on the 35-year-old Bolivian. Nicknamed “La Brujita,” Ribera has not fought outside of the local circuits in Bolivia. She’s earned her moniker via her aggressive style where she marches down her opponents and overwhelms them.

All but two of Ribera’s wins have come via a stoppage. Three have come via retirement as the relentless Brujita will keep pouring it on her foe until they quit or the referee intervenes. But with six professional losses against the low-level competition, Ribera will be hard-pressed to beat any kind of notable competition.

Clavel will be a massive step up in competition for her. Ribera will need to be inspired by “Rocky” and find a way to take the fight to Clavel or she will be outclassed for the whole 20 minutes. Still, underdog bettors may find some delight in betting online on the unknown challenger.

Clavel: Star in the Making

What makes a boxer a star? An unbeaten record? Unparalleled skills? A transcendent life story? If so, Kim Clavel checks all the boxes. The Montreal native has not fought too many high-profile bouts. Her most notable would be a win over Natalie Gonzalez in 2020 in her first and only bout in the United States.

But Clavel has already developed a reputation that goes beyond the boxing ring. She won the Pat Tillman Award for her work during the coronavirus outbreak. Clavel isn’t just a boxer, but also a health-care worker and she manages to excel at both.

In the boxing ring, Clavel throws fast hands and hits hard despite her lack of knockouts. Now that she’s re-dedicated herself to boxing, she will be much improved and will be popular both in the online sportsbook and in real life.

Clavel vs Ribera Fight Information

  • Date: Friday, 8 p.m. ET
  • Venue: Montreal Casino, Montreal, QC, Canada
  • Watch on: N/A

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