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Only Way is Up for Torrez Jr.

American Favored in Matchup of Promising Heavyweights

It might not be the biggest boxing fight we’ve ever seen, but there is plenty of intrigue with Richard Torrez Jr. vs Marco Antonio Canedo on Saturday night.

Torrez appears to have more upside after scoring two knockout wins. The 23-year-old American looks to have a bright future and we expect to see him on feature cards over the next few years.

Only Way is Up for Torrez Jr.

Canedo hasn’t made a good start to his career, which is why he’s the underdog with boxing betting odds markets.

Quick Work for Torrez

The American hasn’t been in the ring for very long but we don’t see that as a negative.

Torrez knocked out his debut opponent in the second round and Roberto Zavala Jr. lasted only a minute against him earlier this year.

He has been impressive and the heavyweight, who won silver at the 2020 Olympic Games, looks to have a promising future in the division.

Fighting for Top Rank means he already has the spotlight on him and he has been putting in the hard work to achieve his goals.

“I want to thank Top Rank for keeping me active and giving me the platform to showcase my talents,” Torrez told the Fresno Bee. “I think that’s the last step that we have to accomplish. And so, we’re, we’re, we’re all in now.

“Every fight is a learning experience, and I can’t wait until August 27 in Tulsa.”

The sportsbook has Torrez at overwhelming odds to remain unbeaten. He has the significant class edge over Canedo, who comes off consecutive losses and that’s not the form you want against your toughest opponent to date.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Torrez was quickly offered a much bigger fight. He has star potential in a division with plenty of big names, but none as young as him.

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What to Expect From Canedo

Bettors shouldn’t expect much from Canedo. The 31-year-old Mexican is 4-2 following consecutive losses and we didn’t like what we saw in March against Alexis Barriere.

Despite starting his career with four straight wins, Canedo was quickly brought back to earth with a split-decision loss to Guillermo Del Rio, who has a meek 2-3-1 record.

The loss had a domino effect on Canedo, who would suffer a TKO loss to Barriere in the fifth round. We didn’t like the way he fought that bout and he doesn’t appear to have much fight in him.

Facing a top-level prospect should be daunting prospect and he could fold easily, so we would be surprised if he went the full six rounds.

Boxing odds reflect this with Canedo, and although Mexicans have a rich history in boxing, we don’t think he’s their next shining light.

He’s fighting someone dedicated to the sport and that could be the difference.

“I’m a firm believer that I am the most conditioned heavyweight out there and I’ll stick to my word,” Richard Torrez Jr told ESPN. “I can go anywhere from 220 to 240 [pounds]. It really just depends on the style that I wanna have and the fight that I wanna bring to the table. I want to be heavyweight champion of the world.”

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