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Richman vs Doolittle Preview, Stream & Picks

The Marine Heavily Favored in Main Event

The Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship boxing betting odds significantly lean toward Mike Richman, a former Sergeant of the United States Marine Corps. If that’s not intimidating enough, he looks like a character straight out of a gritty action novel. His BKFC opponent, Isaac Doolittle, is no slouch as well. Together, these two will slug it out in Broomfield for a potential title shot at 185 pounds.

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Richman vs Doolittle Prediction, Preview, Stream, Odds & Picks

Richman Packs Heat

Richman is a simple man. He sees a target, he destroys it. That’s how “The Marine” conducts his business whether in bare-knuckle fighting or mixed martial arts. All three of his opponents found that out the hard way as he finished each of them.

To think that Richman used to cut to 135 pounds and now fights at a heftier weight class at 185 pounds. Even if Richman is slightly undersized, he does not have to cut weight and thus enters every fight rejuvenated and powerful. He hits so hard that he makes opponents quit.

This isn’t MMA or boxing. Getting punched without gloves brings a different type of fear in fighters. As for Richman, he is calm, cool, and collected in the ring. He’s at home. The Marine loves to fight and loves to punch his opponents. That makes him worth betting online as he marches to a title fight.

Doolittle Looks to Tough One Out

Doolittle is akin to a fire hydrant: He is diminutive at 5-foot-7 but thick and immovable. He may not pack the same power as Richman, but he will take everything he can throw and keep moving forward.

Aptly nicknamed “The Honey Badger,” he has the facial hair, the ferocity, and the relentlessness to prove it. He’s won all four of his BKFC fights and is on the cusp of a title shot. If he can withstand Richman’s barrage and take this to a decision, it could be any man’s game.

That’s worth considering when betting on an online sportsbook. Outside of power, an iron chin is one of the biggest equalizers in boxing events like this.

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Richman vs Doolittle Head-to-Head

It’s not always you see Richman, at 5-9, as the taller fighter by two inches at 185 pounds. But Doolittle is also six years younger than Richman, who is 37 years old. Richman has significantly more combat sports experience having fought professionally for over 13 years compared to Doolittle’s four years.

Richman vs Doolittle Fight Information

  • BKFC Records: Richman (3-0-0, 3 KOs) vs Doolittle (4-0-0, 1 KO)
  • Location: 1st Bank Center, Broomfield, CO
  • Day/Time: Saturday, Oct. 15th, 8 p.m. ET
  • Richman vs Doolittle Live Stream: Box Live

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Richman vs Doolittle Analysis

We’re not counting out Doolittle, especially not at his current boxing odds. But as we saw in the Christine Ferea-Taylor Starling fight, you cannot beat power. Richman has plenty of that and he’ll whittle down Doolittle over time. He may not dust him in a round, but one man can only absorb so much punishment.

What makes Richman even better is his calculated approach to the fight game. He’s not slinging punches recklessly; instead, he’s technically picking his opponents apart. So we expect Richman to last all five rounds easily as he beats and bloodies Doolittle to a late finish or a decision.

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