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What’s Next for Tyson Fury & Oleksandr Usyk?

After 25 long years without an undisputed champion, the Ukrainian boxing great Oleksandr Usyk finally achieved it on Saturday night in Riyadh when he defied all boxing odds and defeated Tyson Fury in an unforgettable moment in the sport’s history.

The dust has settled, and a true ruler in the heavyweight division has been crowned. However, as the two heavy hitters head home to their families, the question arises: “What’s next for Fury and Usyk?”  

What’s Next for Tyson Fury & Oleksandr Usyk?
Oleksandr Usyk of Ukraine - Mohammed Saad / Anadolu

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Retirement, a Rematch, or Joshua?

Tyson Fury has just swallowed the hardest pill of his career… defeat. The 35-year-old from Manchester was dazed and confused on his feet during the final three rounds and notably struggled to match the tempo of his opponent, Oleksandr Usyk, who was crowned the undisputed world heavyweight champion in Saudi Arabia this past weekend.  

It wasn’t just a championship-rich legacy that evaded Fury; he also suffered his first career defeat. Now, serious conversations are to be had. What motivations remain? What more can he achieve? Does a rematch or retirement make the most sense? 

Fury told reporters that he boxes for love, and his monetary gains play no part in it. After highlighting that he’ll be turning 36 in a few months, he also stated that he loves the game and will continue to box until he cannot do it anymore. This would signify that he’s not done yet, but is he headstrong enough to fight the demons that come with defeat? 


The public once saw Fury battle drug addiction and depression following his success over Wladimir Klitschko in 2015. Having reached 378 pounds in weight, he declared himself medically unfit and told journalists he was a “manic depressive.” 

However, this dark journey resulted in the comeback story of the ages, a spotlight position back in the sport, and an unforgettable trilogy with Deontay Wilder that has been etched in the history books. It’s a testament to Fury’s resilience and determination that he was able to overcome such personal struggles and return to the top of his game. 

We hope and pray Fury doesn’t undergo similar mental battles, but defeat is an entirely new beast he’s yet to face. It’s entirely up to “The Gypsy King” how he responds to losing the biggest fight of his career, and whether he evokes the rematch clause with Usyk should solely rely on what’s best for his wellbeing.  

Fury will unquestionably be over-selective of his next steps due to being at the later stages of his career. The rematch clause seems viable, as he didn’t look completely out of sorts in the early goings against “The Cat.” As a potential option, he also has the all-British mega-fight with Anthony Joshua, which fans have yearned for.  

Whatever Fury decides, one thing is certain: the world won’t argue with watching him fight again; the world has never turned its back on watching a Fury fight. 

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Tyson Fury: In His Own Words

When answered post-fight questions from the press, Fury reflected on his current position in the sport: 

I ain’t boxing because I’ve got no money; I’m boxing because I love it. I’m 36 in a few months. I’ve been boxing since I was a child

Where does it all end? Do I have a hundred fights and break down and end up in a wheelchair? 

While I’m still loving the game – and I was having fun in there – I will continue doing it. When I can’t do it anymore, I’ll pack it up.” 

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Oleksandr Usyk: Protect the Legacy or Risk it All?

The story for Oleksandr Usyk is quite the opposite, but nobody could argue if the Ukrainian took a fast track to retirement. Should he hang up the gloves today, he’ll go down as one of the greats aged 37, and it’d be a wise move knowing that he isn’t going to get faster or more powerful moving forward. 

Defeating Fury again adds another level of greatness to his legend, as would a victory over Zhilei Zhang or Deontay Wilder. However, these fights would cause significantly more damage if he lost than good if he won, and the longer he competes at this level, the more likely he becomes susceptible to defeat. 

There is, however, no bigger fight than the Fury rematch. After Saturday’s performance, Usyk had no reason not to believe he wouldn’t win again. So, perhaps, instead of retirement, a second win over Fury would be the perfect swan song, as he might be faced with “you ducked the rematch” should the gloves be hung right now.  

Whatever Usyk decides, it won’t be revealed anytime soon, and the sportsbook will certainly provide a betting line for Fury rematch sooner rather than later. If you ask the man himself, though, he’s just happy to get home following a grueling fight camp. 


Oleksandr Usyk: In His Own Words

I don’t want to think about boxing now,” Usyk said during the post-fight press conference. 

My camp started in September 2023, and I worked for nine months. I missed Happy New Year; I missed my son’s birthday, my other son’s birthday, my daughter’s birthday, and then the birth of my daughter

I also missed family holidays and was only focused on this fight. Now I’m happy, and I want to go back home.” 



Questions Of The Day

Will Fury and Usyk rematch?

Both fighters entered the undisputed heavyweight title fight with rematch clauses on their contracts. A rematch is possible as Fury, the loser, can now evoke this clause, but it’s a decision that he and his camp must first make.

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