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Benavidez vs Andrade Deep Dive: Boxing Picks & Betting Preview

WBC Interim Super Middleweight World Title Bout

Former two-time super middleweight titlist David Benavidez will engage in a 12-round bout on Saturday in Las Vegas, Nevada, against two-division champion Demetrius Andrade.

In what’s expected to be a captivating conflict of styles for boxing betting fans, the two will face off in Showtime Pay-Per-View’s final-ever PPV boxing event; somebody’s 0 has to go, as to unblemished pro boxing records go head-to-head.

Benavidez vs Andrade Deep Dive: Boxing Picks & Betting Preview
Benavidez vs Andrade Deep Dive: Boxing Picks & Betting Preview

Will Benavidez, known for his powerful strikes, establish himself with a TKO, or will Andrade demonstrate his fundamental boxing prow by enrolling himself in the Canelo Alvarez sweepstakes?

I’m here to answer all your questions and more, as our comprehensive boxing betting guide for Benavidez vs Andrade will cover the boxing odds, fighter profiles, event information, and boxing picks today for this weekend’s highly anticipated clash of super middleweights.

Benavidez vs Andrade: Fighter Previews

David “El Bandera Roja” Benavidez

Benavidez, the No. 1-ranked super middleweight by The Ring after reigning champion Canelo Alvarez, is a formidable opponent who exerts physical pressure through speed and strength. By edging Ronald Gavril (SD 12) to earn the WBC super middleweight crown, he became the youngest fighter to conquer Gavril and claim the championship. He defeated Gavril in a rematch by a much more comprehensive score of 12UD.

Subsequently apprehended for cocaine use and stripped of the title, the native of Arizona regained the championship from Anthony Dirrell remarkably (TKO 9). Benavidez was unsuccessful in preserving the belt on the scale during the initial defense of his second tenure due to a weight infraction. Since then, the 26-year-old has engaged in four bouts, notably defeating former middleweight champion Caleb Plant (UD 12) and, more recently, former middleweight titlist David Lemieux (TKO 3).

Boxing Moneyline Odds: David Benavidez (-550)

Demetrius “Boo Boo” Andrade

Andrade represented the United States at the 2008 Olympics and was an outstanding amateur who captured gold at the 2007 international championships. The native of Rhode Island has recorded victories over Maciej Sulecki (UD 12), Liam Williams (UD 12), Vanes Martirosyan (SD 12), and Willie Nelson (TKO 12) in his professional career.

On the other hand, the cerebral southpaw is far too ring astute for his own good, as evidenced by his inability to secure a defining opponent until now. Before signing with PBC, the 35-year-old traveled between promoters. He debuted for the organization earlier this year with a decisive points victory over Demond Nicholson.

Boxing Moneyline Odds: Demetrius Andrade (+375)

Benavidez vs Andrade: The Tale of the Tape

David Benavidez Demetrius Andrade
Country USA USA
Age 26 35
Pro Record 27-0-0 32-0-0
KOs 23 19
Height 6’1” 6’1”
Reach 77.0” 73.0”
Win/Loss (Last 5) W/W/W/W/W W/W/W/W/W
Championship Titles WBC (Interim) World (Super Middleweight)
Stance Orthodox Southpaw
Inactivity 245 days 322 days
Pro 10 years 15 years


Benavidez vs Andrade: Main Event Breakdown & Analysis

Benavidez Fight Style & How Can Benavidez Defeat Andrade

What steps must Benavidez take in order to defeat Andrade?

He must maintain composure, exit the ring without pursuing, and deliver a high volume of strikes while applying maximum force and pressure. Benavidez’s prowess has been demonstrated, but Andrade’s ability to maintain a high tempo all night at the age of 35 against a high-level combatant has yet to be evaluated.

Benavidez must determine the tempo with his youth and athleticism; if he can break down Andrade, a late stoppage is not implausible for the online betting favorite, who’ll own significantly greater cardio in the latter rounds.

Andrade Fight Style & How Can Andrade Defeat Benavidez

Now, Andrade faces the most perilous adversary he has ever encountered in the fight he has always desired. The issue is that Andrade, a superior prize fighter despite being 35 years old, has not yet encountered opposition of the highest caliber. It will be a difficult battle, but Andrade has the potential to prevail with the proper application of his efforts.

Andrade must do what he is least capable of doing: foul up a contest. Maintaining close range, or even mid-range, will prove to be a perilous tactic when confronted with a combatant such as Benavidez. In close quarters, Andrade must rely on his solid footwork and 73 1/2-inch reach to box his way to a decision while minimizing exchanges. If he can maintain that form for twelve rounds, Saturday night live on PPV could feature an upset.

The Best Sports Betting Pick: Benavidez To Win By Decision (+135)

Even though this bout presents a compelling contrast of tacticians and will put both opponents to the test, I believe Andrade is in the underdog position due to a number of factors.

At 35, he is nine years older. Furthermore, since November 2021, he will be competing for a second time following a 322-day hiatus. Third, although unblemished, he has yet to encounter an opponent who possesses the combination of strength, speed, and physical prowess exhibited by Benavidez, 26, a youthful veteran. Fourth, Benavidez is a more substantial and powerful individual, and his long-term defense is superior.

Lastly, Andrade will finally experience the glaring lighting of a major pay-per-view main event for the first time, whereas Benavidez successfully completed that exercise against Plant earlier this year. Benavidez has developed into a methodical starter and a swift finisher, whereas Andrade has initiated proceedings exceptionally quickly before transitioning to cruise control in later rounds.

Early on, I anticipate Andrade to deliver sluggish but steady fits to Benavidez. However, eventually, the younger, stronger, and inherently larger opponent will begin to gain the upper hand and pin Andrade into a corner during the later stages of the battle. Although competitive, Benavidez will prevail by a narrow but decisive unanimous decision.



Benavidez vs Andrade Event Information

  • Date & Time: Saturday, Nov. 25, 2023 – 08:00 p.m. ET
  • Location: Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Promotion: TGB Promotions
  • Scheduled Bouts: 13
  • Benavidez vs Andrade Live Stream: Box Live
  • Main Event Bout: David Benavidez vs Demetrius Andrade
  • Moneyline Probability: Benavidez – 84.6% (-550) Andrade – 21.1% (+375)


David Benavidez vs Demetrius Andrade Betting Lines

WBC Interim World Title Main Event: The Crystal Ball

A quick rub of my crystal ball reveals that after making his experience known early on, Andrade will eventually crumble to the youth, power, and size of Benavidez in the second half of the bout. The boxing odds underdog’s durability will shine, but the judges will give the defending champion a unanimous nod on the scorecards.

Potential Boxing Picks Tonight from an Andrade win by decision:


Questions Of The Day

Will there be a KO in the Benavidez vs Andrade middleweight fight?

With two undefeated fighters and decades of experience without knockout losses, we don’t expect this fight to end via KO/TKO. Instead, Benavidez to win by decision is our expected outcome.

How will Andrade be able to control the fight?

By pacing himself , minimizing trades with consistent resetting of combinations, and avoiding close-quarter exchanges with the formidable Benavidez.

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