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Best Bet for Usyk-Dubois Could Be in Cards

Champion Widely Favored, Total a Toss-Up

Oleksandr Usyk defends his heavyweight belts against Daniel Dubois. It’s not the fight people want, but it keeps the unified champion busy. Despite Dubois’s knockout power, Usyk is the wide favorite here at nearly -1200. This boxing line could get even longer as more folks chalk it up and toss him in parlays. But the best value bet could be the total to go over.

Can Dubois Hang Even When He’s Beat?

Let’s cut to the chase: The only way Dubois wins this fight is if he knocks Usyk out. Dubois says he’ll do it. Many pundits are saying he’ll do it. But, one, they’re British. Two, they’re biased. Three, they’re still doubting Usyk. And four, maybe he gets lucky. After all, Dubois has a 95% knockout-to-win ratio. He’s starched all but two of his opponents.

Best Bet for Usyk-Dubois Could Be in Cards

And that’s the thing with Dubois. What if he hits Usyk clean and the tough Ukrainian just shrugs it off and keeps going? Dubois might just break and get clobbered en route to his second loss. But if you think Dubois’s got a shot, bet online on his knockout prop. That pays a bit more than his +1000 line.

Dubois would love to shock the world and make boxing news. But he doesn’t even believe what he’s saying. Usyk is incredibly durable, hard to hit, and is more battle-hardened. Boxers like Dubois wilt once someone stands up to their power. That’s what’ll happen here.

Usyk Too Much of a Hero Here

It’s Ukrainian Independence Day this Thursday, and Usyk is going to represent his country. Hard. That’s why he’s the runaway boxing pick to get past Dubois – if you’re not from Britain. Usyk is the better boxer. If he can outbox the likes of Anthony Joshua and Derek Chisora for 36 rounds, he’ll trash Dubois.

And it won’t be close. Usyk will weather Dubois’s early “storm.” Depending on where you’re watching, commentators might go “ooh” and “aah” when Dubois appears to be landing and finding success. But once the fourth round hits, Usyk will just smirk and take over. There might even be a play on live betting lines here.

Like how Chisora won the first few rounds against Usyk, Dubois could do the same. Bettors can then have Usyk’s line at a better price. Maybe it even dips below -400 or -600, which is worth betting online. Trust in Usyk as he puts on another clinical performance.

Usyk vs Dubois Head-to-Head

Usyk and Dubois are nearly the same size. The unified champ is just two inches shorter but has the same reach (78 inches). He’s also a southpaw against Dubois, an orthodox boxer. Dubois is also 11 years Usyk’s junior.

Usyk vs Dubois Fight Information

  • Fighters: Usyk (20-0-0, 13 KOs) vs Dubois (19-1-0, 18 KOs)
  • Location: Tarczynski Arena, Wroclaw, Poland
  • Day/Time: Saturday, August 26, 5 p.m. ET
  • Usyk vs Dubois Live Stream: Box Live

Usyk vs Dubois Betting Lines

Usyk vs Dubois Picks and Prediction

Usyk will win. But laying nearly $1200 to win $100 is a lot of dough unless you’re feeling rich. Putting him in a parlay works. Instead, the total is set at 7½ with the over slightly juiced at -130. This is a solid ask. Unless Dubois KOs Usyk early, Usyk will take Dubois to deep waters past the halfway mark. He could finish him in the ninth round or further.

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