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Crews-Dezurn vs. Green Deep Dive: Boxing Odds and Betting Preview

On Friday’s undercard of Jake Paul vs Andre August, Shadasia Green, and Franchon Crews-Dezurn contend for the vacant WBC super-middleweight championship. We look at the bout for boxing bets today.

This opportunity to compete for the world title has been long in the making for Green, who initially aspired to face Savannah Marshall after working herself to a mandatory challenger position.

Crews-Dezurn vs. Green Deep Dive: Main Event Analysis, Boxing Odds, and Betting Preview
Crews-Dezurn vs. Green Deep Dive: Main Event Analysis, Boxing Odds, and Betting Preview

With Marshall sidelined and stripped, Green will face Crews-Dezurn, the former super middleweight world champion who held all four title straps.

Crews-Dezurn and Green will exchange leather, and with that in mind, I’m here to analyze boxing bets online for the highly contested bout and deliver the most profitable predictions.

Franchon Crews-Dezurn vs Shadasia Green: Fighter Previews

Franchon ‘The Heavy Hitting Diva’ Crews-Dezurn

Crews-Dezurn claimed the WBC super middleweight championship in September 2018 after prevailing in a majority decision against Marcela Cornejo. In their September 2019 rematch, Crews-Dezurn emerged victorious in a more decisive manner, with the added incentive of the vacant WBO belt on the line.

Originally, she was scheduled to compete against Alejandra Jimenez from Mexico. However, Jimenez sustained an injury, resulting in a four-month postponement of their bout.

Initially, Jimenez declared victory by split decision in their rescheduled January 2020 confrontation. However, the ruling was reversed when it was discovered that she had tested positive for the prohibited medication stanozolol. Crews-Dezurn patiently endured an extensive evaluation procedure by both the WBO and WBC before her title reign was completely reinstated.

After winning two fights, Crews-Dezurn achieved undisputed champion status by decisively defeating the previously undefeated Cederroos. However, her most recent battle against Marshall ended in disappointment, and she hopes to remove herself from the loser’s column this Friday.

Crews-Dezurn Moneyline Odds @ +535

Shadasia ‘Sweet Terminator’ Green

Green’s victory over former unified titlist Elin Cederroos on February 4 resulted in her becoming the obligatory contender. This match marked her debut under MVP, following her victory against Olivia Curry, who showed exceptional durability by lasting the full ten rounds, becoming her first opponent to do so, on August 5 in Dallas.

Green’s bout with Curry, albeit a successful one, put an end to an impressive nine-fight string of knockouts. Green, who is from Paterson, NJ, was previously recognized for her exceptional skills as a basketball player in high school and college. Currently 34 years old, she has already established herself as the leading contender in the super middleweight division on a global scale.

Green Moneyline Odds @ -835



Crews-Dezurn vs Green: The Tale of the Tape

Fighter Franchon Crews-Dezurn Shadasia Green
Country USA USA
Age 36 34
Pro Record 8-2-0 13-0-0
KOs 2 11
Height 5’8” 5’8”
Reach 72.0”
Win/Loss (Last 5) L/W/W/W/W W/W/W/W/W
Championship Titles
Stance Orthodox Orthodox
Inactivity 167 days 132 days
Pro 7 years 4 years


Crews-Dezurn vs Green Betting Odds

Crews-Dezurn vs Green: Main Event Breakdown & Analysis

Crews-Dezurn Fight Style & How She Can Defeat Green

Technically speaking, Crews-Dezrun possesses numerous weaknesses in her game. Her previous showdown with Marshall demonstrated how difficult it is for her to contend with an opponent over whom she has no physical superiority.

Crews-Dezurn boasts a distinctive technique whereshe occasionally throws less than pinpoint strikes and almost lunges at opponents. Her ineffectiveness as a puncher deprives her of finding knockouts with power strikes, and with such a lack of fundamental skills, there isn’t much to support at a high level.

Her best hope for victory would be to hope that Green has a completely off night and that she can somehow scrape her way to a decision victory.

Green Fight Style & How She Can defeat Crews-Dezurn

Green’s fighting style is comparable to that of a male heavyweight boxer. With a single precise blow, she possesses the ability to alter the course of the battle, therefore rendering her talents less reliant on sharpness compared to others. She has a formidable and rigid jab that she prefers to utilize from a defensive position, targeting the opponent’s torso.

Neither woman is the greatest technician, but I can easily envision the power of Green making a whole lot of difference in this bout. Should she remain calm and avoid a dog, she’s undoubtedly the greater boxer of the two, and it’s clear to see that MVP are pushing her as the “next big thing” in women’s boxing.

The Best Boxing Betting Pick: Green by KO/TKO [+240]

The decisive component in this duel is Green’s exceptional power. Crews-Dezurn may have the upper hand in terms of speed. Still, Green’s ability to withstand the absence of powerful strikes will enable her to maintain her position and apply continuous pressure. This will gradually wear out the previous undisputed champion, targeting her body while positioned against the ropes.

The moneyline price for boxing matches today is, unfortunately, juicer than freshly picked orange. However, targeting the body of Crews-Dezurn will eventually pay dividends for Green, and in the latter stages of the fight, expect her to find the TKO finish – odds of +240 – and continue her stoppage victory dominance that’s assisted her in 90% of her career contests.



Crews-Dezurn vs Green Event Information

  • Date & Time: Friday, Dec. 15, 2023 –9 p.m. ET
  • Location: Caribe Royale Orlando, Florida
  • Promotion: Most Valuable Promotions
  • Scheduled Bouts: 6
  • How to Watch: Box Live / DAZN
  • Main Event Bout: Jake Paul vs Andre August


Questions Of The Day

Will the fight finish before round 10?

Although Crews-Dezurn has never lost via knockout, with a 90% KO rate, we expect Shadasia Green to finish the fight before the 10th round and hand “The Hard Hitting Diva” her first pro defeat via KO/TKO.

Will Green get a knockout in the fight?

Green has won all but one of her professional bouts within six rounds, so to expect another knockout this weekend is a highly probable outcome.

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