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Dalakian vs Jimenez Prediction, Fight Preview, Live Stream, Odds and Picks

Longtime Champ Dalakian Meets Match Against Jimenez

Artem Dalakian puts his WBA flyweight belt on the line for the sixth time when he takes on the surging David Jimenez. The boxing odds slightly favor the champ as he’s turned back every challenger. Jimenez could finally give him a run for his money as his fellow unbeaten boxer has all the tools to cause the upset.

Let’s check the latest Boxing news, stats, and Boxing lines for Dalakian vs Jimenez. We’ve got plenty of Boxing picks for you to consider.

Dalakian vs Jimenez Prediction, Game Preview, Live Stream, Odds and Picks
Dalakian vs Jimenez Prediction, Game Preview, Live Stream, Odds and Picks

Dalakian Stays Savvy

While the rest of his peers shift, Dalakian stays steady and quietly keeps defending his lone title. The Ukrainian has been the champion since 2018 and has seemingly fought basic competition. But for all his criticisms, Dalakian does a few things well. Namely, he is one of the division’s best ring generals.

Dalakian knows how to break his opponents down in slow but otherwise effective means. If he’s facing an aggressive boxer, he can tie them up and grind them down as he did with Luis Concepcion. Alternatively, he can be the one dictating the match thanks to his quick straight punches.

But when it comes down to it, Dalakian will exploit every rule he can to keep his belt. Opponents will have to not only outbox him but punch him up to a point that judges won’t get it wrong. That’s a tough task and it’s why he stays favored on the sportsbook.

Jimenez Could Be Dalakian’s Kryptonite

When Jimenez steps into the ring, one of two things happen. Either he outclasses Dalakian and gives rise to a new star in the division or Dalakian cements himself as a champion by outsmarting Jimenez. But the underdog odds warrants betting online on the former.

Jimenez will be the younger and quicker boxer of the two. He will also likely be the aggressor here. The Costa Rican medaled in both the 2013 Amateur Championships and 2015 Pan American Games. He is also a southpaw and one that will be tricky for Dalakian to get a bead on.

The key for Jimenez will be to avoid Dalakian from constantly out-grinding him. The champ will look to spam his clinches to get Jimenez out of rhythm. But that won’t convince judges when it’s Jimenez landing more shots and cleaner blows.

Dalakian vs Jimenez Head-to-Head

Dalakian and Jimenez are the same size at 5-foot-4. Their most notable differences will be in age and stance. Dalakian is five years Jimenez’s senior and will box in the orthodox stance against the latter’s southpaw.

Dalakian vs Jimenez Fight Information

  • Records: Dalakian (21-0-0, 15 KOs) vs Jimenez 12-0-0, 9 KOs)
  • Location: Wembley Arena, London, UK
  • Day/Time: Saturday, Jan. 28th, 4:00 p.m. ET
  • Dalakian vs Jimenez Live Stream: Box Live

Dalakian vs Jimenez Betting Lines

Dalakian vs Jimenez Picks & Prediction

The odds lean toward Dalakian because the Ukrainian just knows how to get by. But Jimenez could take his title by taking the fight to him. It will be close and will most likely go to a decision. At the current lines, bet Jimenez or pass. Alternatively, bettors can parlay the challenger with the main event for a lucrative payout.

Artem Dalakian is listed at -170 in our Las Vegas boxing lines. This means that if you wager $100 on Dalakian, you have a chance to win $59. David Jimenez is +140, offering a chance to win $140 on a $100 wager.

The implied probability attached to the betting lines gives Dalakian a 62.96% chance to win, with Jimenez at 41.67%.

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