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Esparza vs Guzman Predictions, Fight Preview, Odds & Picks

Flyweight Champion Heavy Favorite to Dominate Bout

Just Another Squash Match For Esparza

Marlen Esparza, the WBA, and WBC Flyweight champion is set to take Eva Guzman to school. The boxing betting odds make it tough to make any serious money on Esparza given you need over $2,500 to make $100. At these lines, it’s best to parlay her with another boxer or just bet something else. This should be easy work for her, which feels like a stopgap.

Let’s check the latest boxing odds, stats, injury reports, and boxing betting odds for Esparza vs Guzman.

Marlen Esparza faces Naoka Fujioka of Japan during their Flyweight title fight
Marlen Esparza - Carmen Mandato/Getty Images/AFP

Esparza: Unfinished Business

Let’s address the obvious here: The fight the fans want to see is the rematch between Esparza and strawweight queen Seniesa Estrada. Since their bout two years ago, Esparza and Estrada have traded barbs. It’s evident they don’t like one another and have settled with putting down other boxers for the time being.

That marked the only time Esparza lost in her career and it was due to a cut from a head-butt. She’s used that loss to fuel her as she’s put up some impressive wins over Ibeth Zamora Silva and Naoko Fujioka. Guzman is two steps down from the opponents she’s been boxing.

Esparza fights at flyweight but can move like a smaller boxer. She throws rapid combinations and, even if she’s not knocking anyone out, she’s throwing them off their balance. Should Esparza get a bigger fight, she’s worth betting online. But we can’t justify the price tag when she’s most likely going to win by a decision.

Guzman Beats Up Civvies

We try to be nice to Guzman and boxers like her. But let’s call it for what it is: She’s just above a tomato can for Esparza. It’s true, Guzman has not lost in six years and she’s only lost once ever. It’s because she’s hardly ever fought any boxer worth a damn.

Guzman has a win over Isabel Millan, which stands out as the best on her resume. Millan was 29-6-1 at the time. But upon closer inspection, Millan was a can crusher with a record so padded that it can be used for sparring.

Other than Millan, most of Guzman’s opponents were winless. Her last opponent was 0-5 and the one before Millan was a debuting boxer. This is women’s boxing, ladies and gents. Knowing all this, we can’t recommend putting any kind of money on Guzman in the sportsbook.

Esparza vs Guzman Head-to-Head

Esparza is not only the more skilled of the two, but she’s also physically bigger. The Mexican-American stands at 5 feet 3 inches while Guzman is not even at five feet. The champ also has a 64-inch reach. Guzman’s reach is unknown.

Esparza vs Guzman Fight Information

  • Records: Esparza (c) (11-1-0, 1 KO) vs Guzman (19-1-1, 11 KOs)
  • Location: Dickies Arena, Fort Worth, TX
  • Day/Time: Saturday, Aug 6, 9 p.m. ET
  • Esparza vs Guzman Live stream: Box Live

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Esparza vs Guzman Betting Lines

Esparza vs Guzman Prediction

Esparza should beat Guzman from pillar to post. She’ll beat her in any way she wants, even if she lets Guzman win some rounds … which she won’t because Esparza boxes like she caught her opponent snitching on her.

Instead of laying the juice on Esparza, there is sneaky value on the under 8½ rounds here. Esparza does not have knockout power. But Guzman is ridiculously overmatched. The referee will step in and stop the fight when she realizes she’s not fighting a P.E. teacher.

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