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Ferea vs Starling Predictions, Fight Preview, Live Stream, Odds & Picks

BKFC Champion Set to Defend Title

Ferea Favored to Retain Belt

Christine Ferea has conquered the women’s division in the BKFC and she’s going to defend her belt as the favorite per the BKFC betting odds. But as is Ferea’s M.O., expect another bloody brawl as Taylor Starling will take the fight to her. Between these sluggers, we like Ferea’s odds at retaining her title but it won’t be without adversity.

Let’s check the latest, stats, injury reports, and boxing odds for Ferea vs Starling. We’ve plenty of boxing odds tonight for you to consider.

Ferea vs Starling Predictions, Fight Preview, Live Stream, Odds & Picks
Ferea vs Starling

BKFC is Ferea’s Kingdom

In what is one of the most competitive divisions in combat sports, Ferea has established herself as the fighter to beat. The former MMA fighter is exactly what you envision for the BKFC: A tattooed troublemaker who has a history of getting into trouble, hence her moniker: “Misfit.”

With the BKFC loading up the division with former UFC stars like Paige VanZant and Felice Herrig, Ferea will not have any shortage of opponents to fight. They can only make her shine brighter as she bludgeons their faces with her calculated brawling style.

Since there are no takedowns or grappling with the BKFC, fighters will have to go through Ferea via what she does: face-to-face punching. There are hardly any women in the division who can outslug Ferea. Starling will need to fight an exacting and technical style. And Ferea won’t give her that room, which is why she’s the sportsbook’s dog.

Starling Looking to be the New Star

It feels like you can say this with almost every new fighter the BKFC odds to the division. But in Starling’s case, she’s yet to taste defeat in the bare-knuckle ring. The Californian debuted in the BKFC with one of the craziest slugfests with Charisa Sigala. Since then, she’s turned back, Cassie Robb and Hannah Guy.

But with all due respect to the three, they are not at Ferea’s level. Starling will need to take her fighting to the next level to beat Ferea. She can’t get hit too often as she seems to bleed much easier than Ferea. That could sway judges even if she is winning the fight.

Still, as an underdog, Starling is younger and has not had the same mileage as Ferea. If she’s grown a lot in the last eight months, she could be worth online boxing betting odds. 

Ferea vs Starling Head-to-Head

The champ is two inches shorter than Starling and is 13 years older. Ferea has also more combat sports experience. Starling is unbeaten in the BKFC but boxed professionally, where she lost by KO in her only appearance.

Ferea vs Starling Fight Information

  • BKFC Records: Ferea (5-1-0, 3 KOs) vs Starling (3-0-0, 1 KO)
  • Location: Rio Rancho Events Center, Albuquerque, NM
  • Day/Time: Saturday Aug. 27, 10 p.m. ET
  • Ferea vs Starling Live Stream: Box Live

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Ferea vs Starling Prediction

We’re in for another brawl here and Ferea backers may have to sweat this out in some spots. Even if we favor Ferea by a margin here, this is BKFC. An errant punch could break Ferea’s hand or a cut could lead to the fight getting stopped. We’ve already seen a few upsets and Mike Perry was this close to beating MVP last week.

We won’t advise betting the farm on Ferea, though she is worth betting straight or throwing in a parlay. She may be shorter but she fights in her natural weight and will be throwing the harder punches. Starling is tough but once she feels Ferea’s power, she may double-think her strategy.

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