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Gomez vs Clavel Predictions, Fight Preview, Live Stream, Odds & Picks, July 29

Challenger Huge Favorite to Win Light Flyweight Belt

Clavel Unbeaten

Kim Clavel is ready to become a star and the boxing betting odds predict it. Despite being the challenger, Clavel is listed as low as 6-1 on the sportsbook to wrest the title away from WBC Light Flyweight queen Yesenia Gomez. The French-Canadian is unbeaten and is fighting in her backyard as she faces a potential career-changing challenge.


Gomez Could Be Dangerous Underdog

Whether or not Gomez knows about the online gambling boxing odds, she’s an enticing boxer to back at underdog money. The Mexicana is actually younger than her counterpart and has fought a lot longer. Competing in Mexico, one can also argue she’s fought stiffer competition than Clavel.

The 26-year-old appears to have a spotty record. She started her career with a modest 6-4 record. Since then, though, she’s only lost once and this came against the surging Maria Guadalupe Bautista, who has since only lost to another champ, Evelyn Nazarena Bermudez. Gomez had also been in a pair of hard-fought scraps with former champ Esmeralda Moreno.

One can argue that Gomez may be slowing down given all the long fights she’s had. But Gomez is still in her prime and will also have a size advantage. Combined with her veteran savvy, she’s ready to bust bets online.

Clavel Starts Fast

Clavel isn’t just the favorite based on hype. She’s unbeaten and is one of the fastest, if not the fastest, boxers in her division. Sure, most of her opponents are gym teachers and bus drivers. But here’s a sweet fact: 13 of her 15 opponents had winning records at the time she fought them.

The 31-year-old is a nurse and received the Pat Tillman Award for her work on the frontlines during COVID. But despite being a part-time boxer, Clavel has carved up the competition. She’s usually the first to the punch even if she lacks the power to engineer knockouts.

Clavel can overwhelm her opponents by constantly outworking them. Sometimes that’s all it takes as she retired Mariela Ribera by turning her into a punching bag. They say “speed kills” and if Clavel’s opponents can’t see her coming, how can they fight her?

Gomez vs Clavel Head-to-Head

Gomez is significantly bigger than Clavel. She will sport a five-inch height advantage and a 1½-inch reach advantage. The champ has also fought a higher level of competition than Clavel and will enter her seventh straight championship bout.

Gomez vs Clavel Fight Information

  • Records: Gomez (19-5-3, 1 NC, 6 KOs) vs Clavel (15-0-0, 3 KOs)
  • Location: Montreal Casino, Montreal
  • Day/Time: Friday July, 29, 9 p.m. ET
  • Gomez vs Clavel Live Stream: Box Live

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Gomez vs Clavel Betting Lines

Y Gomez To Win By KO, TKO or DQ +1000
Y Gomez To Win By Decision or Tech Decision +800
K Clavel To Win By KO, TKO or DQ +600
K Clavel To Win By Decision or Tech Decision -335
Draw or Technical Draw +1400

Gomez vs Clavel Prediction

The boxing lines here are a bit too wide for Clavel. But at the same time, she’s our pick to win. It’s hard to straight-bet Clavel at -600 as she is most likely winning by a decision. You can bet this prop at -335 for better value, though you can also parlay Clavel with other fighters/boxers over the weekend.

Gomez is still dangerous as the champion. She’s not as fast as Clavel so she may be getting outboxed based on volume. But she’s also bigger and hits harder. Should Clavel make a mistake, Gomez will light her up and that could change the tone of the fight. Still, Clavel will be energized by her home fans and will take the fight to Gomez.

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