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Hutchinson vs Markic Prediction, Fight Preview & Live Stream

Light Heavyweights Set to Collide

Willy Hutchinson faces Emil Markic as the featured bout in the Beterbiev-Yarde card this Saturday. The boxing lines peg Hutchinson as a wide favorite yet again. But the Scotsman has been on the wrong side of a big upset not too long ago. He’s rattled off two straight wins since, but Markic is a step up from the journeymen he’s beaten.

Let’s check the latest boxing news, stats and boxing lines for Hutchinson vs Markic. We’ve got plenty of boxing picks for you to consider.

Hutchinson vs Markic Prediction, Fight Preview, Live Stream, Odds and Picks
Hutchinson vs Markic Prediction, Fight Preview, Live Stream, Odds and Picks

Hutchinson Could Still Be Green

With all due respect to the local favorite, but Hutchinson has yet to prove he’s more than a record-padder at this point. All the opponents he’s beaten have either been losing boxers or veterans with double-digit losses. When he got Lennox Clarke, a fellow prospect, the Briton knocked him out.

Now, the matchmakers expect Hutchinson to get past his next toughest test as he takes on a solid veteran. While Markic is not the same boxer as Lewis, he’s still a hard puncher. Over 69% of his victories have come via KO and his only two losses in the last decade have come against championship-level opponents.

If Hutchinson has not learned from his humbling against Clarke, he’s in for another upset here. But if he’s tightened up and become more focused on fixing his flaws, which is his defense or lack thereof, he might just be worth betting online.

Markic Will Do More than Test Hutchinson

Markic is best known for getting knocked out by Callum Johnson in 2021. Johnson is then also notable as being one of Artur Beterbiev’s “victims.” So that puts Markic as a third-tier boxer at best. Still, you don’t simply win 32 boxing bouts by being a third-rate anything.

True, most of Markic’s wins have been like Hutchinson’s: against bottom barrel types of opponents. But to this Bosnian’s credit, he has some solid wins against boxers like Denis Liebau and Kavin Gebhard. And what’s more notable is where he beat them: on their own turf.

So as far as being more “tested”, Markic has Hutchinson beat. Now, the onus is on him to take the fight to his younger counterpart the way Clarke did. If he can do that, look for Markic to be a sharp bet on the sportsbook.

Hutchinson vs Markic Head-to-Head

Markic is two inches shorter than Hutchinson. Both box in the orthodox stance. Their most notable difference is in age: Hutchinson is 15 years Markic’s junior.

Hutchinson vs Markic Fight Information

  • Records: Hutchinson (15-1-0, 11 KOs) vs Markic 32-3-0, 25 KOs)
  • Location: Wembley Arena, London, UK
  • Day/Time: Saturday, Jan. 28th, 3:30 p.m. ET
  • Hutchinson vs Markic Live Stream: Box Live

Hutchinson vs Markic Prediction

We don’t buy Hutchinson at this betting line. If he goes out there and starches Markic, we would be impressed. But we don’t count on it. If anything, it’s better to take the dog shot on Markic finding a way to upset Hutchinson. He’s had more boxing experience and has been tested. Hutchinson has mainly fought and beaten “tomato cans” and when he was faced with adversity, he folded. Bet on the underdog or pass.

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