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Jake Paul vs Bourland Deep Dive: Co-Main Event Analysis, Boxing Odds and Betting Preview | Cruiserweight Bout 3/2/24

Jake, “The Problem Child” Paul, will face Ryan “Rhino” Bourland in an 8-round cruiserweight contest at the Coliseo Jose Miguel Agrelot in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Saturday, March 2.

Paul and Bourland are set to exchange leather, and with that said, I’m here to cover all your boxing betting needs for this highly anticipated bout.

Jake Paul vs Bourland Deep Dive: Co-Main Event Analysis, Boxing Odds and Betting Preview | Cruiserweight Bout 03-02-2024
Jake Paul vs Bourland Deep Dive: Co-Main Event Analysis, Boxing Odds and Betting Preview | Cruiserweight Bout 03-02-2024


Paul vs Bourland Event Information

1. Date/Time: Saturday, March. 2, 2024 – 07:00 p.m. ET
2. Location: El Coliseo de Puerto Rico
3. Promotion: Most Valuable Promotions
4. Scheduled Bouts: 8
5. Paul vs Bourland Live Stream: Box Live / DAZN
6. Main Event Bout: Amanda Serrano vs Nina Meinke
7. Co-Main Event Bout: Jake Paul vs Ryan Bourland
8. Moneyline Probability: Paul – 96.2% (-2500) Bourland – 10% (+900)


Paul vs Bourland Betting Odds


Paul vs Bourland: Fighter Previews

Jake “The Problem Child” Paul

In a continuation to distance himself from influencers and former MMA professionals, Jake Paul enters into an eight-round cruiserweight clash versus Ryan Bourland in an attempt to establish himself as a legitimate boxer without backlash from boxing critics suggesting he isn’t the real deal.

Since his first pro defeat to Tommy Fury, Paul has overcome Andre August and Nate Diaz, and although we must respect “The Problem Child” for avoiding the influencer battles, a fighter in Bourland who’s competed once in six years isn’t exactly a statement-making opponent.

With that said, Paul isn’t taking a route to legitimate boxing supremacy any differently than the sport’s greats. You have to start somewhere, and the likes of Canelo and Mayweather all have padded records in their early careers; it’s just unfortunate for Paul that he’s doing so while positioned in the spotlight.

Paul is a great boxing pick this weekend.


Ryan “Rhino” Bourland

There isn’t much to say about Ryan Bourland; we know his purpose this weekend, and that’s to hand Jake Paul another dub on his record.

“The Rhino,” who resides in North Dakota, has competed on just one occasion since 2018, and although he won the contest by KO/TKO, his opponent, Santario Martin, owns a 4-7 record with five knockout losses and has lost five of his previous six bouts.

Another interesting aspect of Bourland’s career is his lone knockout defeat in 2015 to Israel Duffus. Paul can play the card: “My opponent has only been KO’d once,” but the reality is, Duffus is on a 5-fight losing streak, has suffered six KO-losses, and was still able to triumph over Bourland.




Paul vs Bourland: The Tale of the Tape

Pro Record
Win/Loss (Last 5)
Championship Titles
78 days 
532 days 
4 years
10 years


Paul vs Bourland: Main Event Breakdown and Analysis

It’s a payday for Bourland that he wasn’t expecting, but in terms of talent, there isn’t much fight tape to inspect and judge him on. We do, however, have various training footage clips and the 35-year-old looks awful on the pads and is extremely slow, as it’s unquestionably going to be a rough outing for him on Saturday night.

Paul is building his resume, and although it’s obvious that his opponents have been hand-picked, we cannot deny the one-punch power the Ohio native owns. No matter how much you hate or love him, he’s serious about the sport and will continue to grow his skill set fight-to-fight.


The Best Betting Pick: Under 1 ½ Rounds [+135]

The intricacies of the sweet science won’t be relevant this weekend because it’s nothing more than experience gained for Paul. Las Vegas odds are juiced and unplayable to most serious bettors, which forces us to attack the total or prop markets at the sportsbook.

Given the ferocity of Paul’s hooks and the apparent hand-picked, lackluster opponent in Bourland, we can expect an early knockout – similar to the August bout – and this makes the under 1 ½ rounds at +135 a piece of betting value we can get behind.

I initially wanted to attack the Paul round-one KO prop, but it wouldn’t be surprising if “The Problem Child” wanted to get some minutes in before delivering the kill shot. He won’t have to fear an aging fighter’s power who’s covered in ring rust and presents lethargic movement, so I expect Paul to display his newly learned skills in round one before putting his opponent to bed in the second.


1. Bourland has fought just once since 2018
2. Bourland’s sole career KO loss was against a fighter who’s currently on a 5-fight losing streak
3. Paul has won by KO in 5 of his 8 boxing wins to date
4. Under 1 ½ Rounds has landed in 4 of Paul’s 9 “pro” bouts


Paul vs Bourland Co-Main Event: The Crystal Ball Picks

In this one-sided cruiserweight bout, a quick rub of my crystal ball reveals that Paul will play with his food in round one, show off his skills, and then deliver a fight-ending shot in round two to put Bourland out of his misery.


Potential Boxing Bets from a Jake Paul Round 2 KO:

1. Paul Moneyline [-2500]
2. Under 1 ½ Rounds [+135]
3. Paul To Win in Round 2 [+250]
4. Paul To Win By KO/TKO [-800]
5. Fight To Go The Distance / NO [-1000]


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