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Betting on a KO? Matias vs. Paro – Value Picks and Predictions

If Subriel Matias isn’t one of your favorite fighters, I don’t know what to tell you. He’s one of the most feared boxers for very good reasons, and it’s not because of a pretty technical skill; no, he’s an absolute menace. More importantly, the cold-blooded “El Orgullo de Maternillo” returns to action in his homeland of Puerto Rico this weekend as a brave and tricky southpaw, Liam Paro, attempts to defy the boxing betting lines.

What’s the best bet for this match? Let’s find out.

Betting on a KO? Matias vs. Paro - Value Picks and Predictions
Subriel Matias/Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images/AFP


Matias vs. Paro Event Information

  • Date/Time: Saturday, June. 15, 2024 – 07:30 p.m. ET
  • Location: Coliseo Juan Aubin Cruz Abreu, Puerto Rico
  • Promotion: Matchroom Boxing
  • Scheduled Bouts: 8
  • How to Watch: Box Live
  • Main Event Bout: Subriel Matias vs. Liam Paro
  • Co-Main Event Bout: Angel Fierro vs. Alfredo Santiago


Matias vs. Paro Moneyline and Total Odds


Terrifying Talent: Why Fighters Avoid Subriel Matias

How many bidding super lightweight fighters aspiring to become a champion are choosing the IBF route? I’ll tell you, absolutely none! Why? Because that would involve a clash with the division’s boogeyman, Subriel Matias.

Matias, 32, hails from Fajardo, Puerto Rico. He doesn’t just step into the ring and box… He climbs into the squared circle with a fearless mentality and beats the will out of his opponents like a man possessed. Respect Liam Paro because nobody wants these hands, but will his bravery result in another “El Orgullo de Maternillo” beatdown?


Undefeated Underdog: Can Liam Paro Weather the Storm?

Australia’s Liam Paro has taken the long route to reach a world championship level of boxing as he didn’t walk down the typical path of a decorated amateur career. That said, a 24-0 unbeaten record tells no lies. The man is talented, and when faced with mid to lower-level domestic-level opponents, his talent gap is evidently worthy of stepping up.

Unfortunately for Paro, his introduction to the division’s elite is against a scary, scary dude. This doesn’t mean he won’t find success, but it’ll certainly be interesting to see how he fares beyond the midway point of the bout in the motherland of one of the most avoided boxers on earth.

Matias Confidence: “I’m the Best in the Division”

Confidence, arrogance, or both? Whatever your opinion might be, Subriel Matias is never short on self-belief:

I’m the best in the division at 140lbs,” he told BoxingScene. “There is no second, third, or fourth. I’m everything. I’m one, two, three and four. I’m scared, but it’s a fear that I enjoy. I hope that nerves don’t betray me so I can do what I’ve been doing all these years: satisfy my crowd.”


Matias vs. Paro: The Tale of the Tape

Puerto Rico
Pro Record
5’8 ½“ 
Win/Loss (Last 5)
IBF Super Lightweight
Championship Titles
203 days 
189 days 
8 years 
8 years 


Matias Is a Bad-Bad Man: How His Life Shaped Ruthless Style

Many boxers pretend to be bad boys, but Subriel Matias, whose life before boxing could be compared to a gangster film, is certainly not one of those fakers! We’re talking about a man who’s taken shots from an AK-47 and lived to tell the tale… But more on topic, his rough life has 100% assisted the ruthless style he carries in the ring.

The Matias of the past was fueled by aggression and knockout ability, but since rising to the world level, we’ve been gifted with a remarkable evolution. Since his lone career defeat versus Petros Ananyan, it’s been an unprecedented transformation… including revenge over Ananyan via round nine doctor stoppage.

Once most fights reach the halfway point with Matias, opponents quickly realize they’ve made a mistake and simply no longer want to be in that ring. This will favor Paro early on; he has fast hands, is a sharp puncher, doesn’t make many mistakes, and will definitely be switched on more than ever.

Para has the accuracy and quick hands to put fighters away, but Matias thrives in these positions where the opposition garners early success. He doesn’t waste energy and constantly throws big shots; he savors the fight-ending sequences perfectly… And once the Puerto Rican ups the pace, most fighters wilt, particularly in the second half of fights.


  • 20 of Matias’ 23 pro boxing wins were by KO/TKO
  • Matias has never been knocked out
  • Saturday is Liam Paro’s first world championship fight


Bet on Matias to Win by KO in Round 9-12 [+250]

Expect early success for Paro, as previously mentioned. But it’s a scenario we’ve seen on multiple occasions where Matias ups the tempo and begins to bully those in front of him from all angles. His ability to vary the tempo, shot selection, and output until the opportune moment is world-class, and once this happens in front of a roaring Puerto Rican crown, the IBF champ will again prove why he’s arguably the most feared man in boxing.

Oddsmakers at the best sportsbook, BetUS, are no dummies, though… They’re savvy about Matias’s presence at Super Lightweight and aren’t giving us an inch with the -800 moneyline this weekend. Don’t worry; look for the alternative round betting options for the favorite to win by KO/TKO between rounds 9-12.



Matias and Paro Crystal Ball Predictions

In this weight championship bout, a quick glance at my crystal ball reveals that Paro will cruise through the early settings without much trouble. However, per usual, Matias will amp up the pressure late and back his opponent into a corner behind a flurried and fight-ending selection of shots that will cause a stoppage in round ten.

Potential Bets from a Matis Win By KO in Round 10:



Odds and information are accurate at the time of writing. Please check with official sources for the latest updates before placing any bets.


Questions Of The Day

How Many Knockout Wins Does Subriel Matias Have?

Matias owns a 100% knockout record as a professional, with all twenty of his winning bouts obtained by KO/TKO.

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