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Ramirez vs Espinoza Deep Dive: Boxing Bet Odds & Preview

Robeisy Ramirez and Rafael Espinoza will compete for the WBO championship in a 12-round featherweight contest at Charles F. Dodge City Center in Pembroke Pines, FL, on Saturday.

Bookmakers aren’t leaving much to the imagination with a -2000 price tag on the defending champ Ramirez. Does the underdog have what it takes to send shockwaves through the featherweight rankings with a victory this weekend?

Ramirez vs Espinoza Deep Dive: Boxing Bet Odds & Preview
Ramirez vs Espinoza Deep Dive: Boxing Bet Odds & Preview

Find out below, as I’m here to cover all your boxing betting needs for the highly contested featherweight championship bout.

Ramirez vs Espinoza: Fighter Previews

Robeisy ‘El Tren’ Ramirez

Ramirez is a 29-year-old Cuban pugilist with a professional boxing record of 13 wins and 1 loss, with 8 victories achieved in knockouts. Prior to his departure from Cuba and transition to professional boxing, he achieved an exceptionally distinguished amateur boxing career that is still vividly remembered. He achieved a total of 6 gold medals in international competitions, with 2 won in the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics.

Ramirez has achieved professional status and is currently a world champion, which wasn’t surprising given his amateur achievements. The southpaw boxer will defend his WBO championship, and his expected dominance is certainly reflected on the sportsbook betting line.

Boxing Moneyline Odds: Robeisy Ramirez (-2000)


Rafael “El Divino” Espinoza

Espinoza, a Mexican pugilist, boasts an unblemished professional record of 21 victories, 18 by knockout. With a pro career that hasn’t gone beyond the Mexican border, there are a lot of questions around his unblemished record and how he’ll compete versus the upper echelon of the featherweight rankings.

That said, he possesses an uncommonly slender physique for the weight class, standing 6-foot-1 in height and having a reach of 74 inches behind an orthodox stance. Whether this will pose difficulties for the 5-foot-5 defending champion remains to be seen.

Boxing Moneyline Odds: Rafael Espinoza (+850)


Ramirez vs Espinoza: The Tale of the Tape

Robeisy Ramirez Rafael Espinoza
Country Cuba Mexico
Age 29 39
Pro Record 13-1-0 21-0-0
KOs 8 18
Height 5’5” 6’1”
Reach 68.0”
Win/Loss (Last 5) W/W/W/W/W W/W/W/W/W
Championship Titles WBO Featherweight
Stance Southpaw Orthodox
Inactivity 137 days 147 days
Pro 4 years 10 years


Ramirez vs Espinoza: Main Event Breakdown & Analysis

Ramirez Fight Style & How He Can Defeat Espinoza

Ramirez recently fought a 6-foot-5 opponent in the featherweight division; therefore, the 6-foot-1 Espinoza does not appear to be much of a challenge to stand before. Ramirez demonstrated extraordinary prowess in the ring against a man of that stature, shattering Shimizu’s defense with ferocious power smashes and counterattacks from such a low vantage point.

Espinoza Fight Style & How He Can Espinoza Defeat Ramirez

Espinoza is an exceptionally formidable contender who has accumulated a string of outstanding performances throughout the years. Despite having such lengthy limbs, he executes extremely fluid combinations and uses a razor-sharp punching technique. He performs at his peak when he is on the front foot and finishes combinations by landing on the opponents’ bodies.

The Best Boxing Today Betting Pick

As the contest progresses into the later stages, Espinoza will ultimately be defeated by Ramirez’s leverage and piercing blows. With zero 12-round experience, we have no evidence that the underdog can survive an onslaught in the latter rounds. It would not be surprising if Ramirez completed the bout with a body shot or a counterhook between rounds 9 and 12.

Espinoza will encounter difficulties when confronted with an opponent who penetrates and lands with the same force inside the pocket, as his long-range will be deemed useless.

Boxing Pick: Ramirez by KO/TKO



Ramirez vs Espinoza Betting Odds


Ramirez vs Espinoza Event Information

  • Date & Time: Saturday, Dec. 9, 2023 – 09:00 p.m. ET
  • Location: Charles F. Dodge City Center, Florida
  • Promotion: Top Rank
  • Scheduled Bouts: 8
  • Ramirez vs Espinoza Live Stream: Box Live
  • Main Event Bout: Robeisy Ramirez vs Rafael Espinoza
  • Moneyline Probability: Ramirez – 2% (-2000) Espinoza – 8% (+850)


Questions Of The Day

Will the fight go the distance?

Espinoza lacks 12-round experience, and the skill gap between the two will give Ramirez a huge advantage in the latter rounds, where I expect him to find a KO/TKO finish between rounds 9-12.

Will Espinoza land more power punches than Ramirez?

Espinoza loves to throw powerful strikes, and while he could potentially land more power punches early on, his cardio will soon be drained by Ramirez in the latter stage of the fight following an onslaught of body shots and counter hooks.

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