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Riakporhe vs Glowacki Prediction, Fight Preview, Live Stream, Odds and Picks

Riakporhe Favored To Dust Glowacki and Earn Title Shot

Richard Riakporhe is ready to notch his biggest career win when he takes on two-time WBO champion Krzystofs Glowacki as the co-main event to Chris Eubank Jr. vs Liam Smith. Riakporhe is heavily favored by the boxing betting odds with the total set at 5½ rounds. If the odds are accurate, the Briton should dust Glowacki at around the halfway mark.

Let’s check the latest Boxing news, stats, and Boxing lines for Riakporhe vs Glowacki. We’ve got plenty of Boxing picks for you to consider.

Riakporhe vs Glowacki Prediction, Fight Preview, Live Stream, Odds and Picks
Riakporhe vs Glowacki Prediction, Fight Preview, Live Stream, Odds and Picks

Riakporhe Needs To Make Statement

As far as making a name for yourself in the cruiserweight division, it would take more than just a few knockouts to do it. The line in front of Riakporhe is a long one so he would need to beat Glowacki pillar to post and assert himself as a number-one contender.

Riakporhe definitely has the tools to destroy any boxer put in front of him. Any clean punch he throws can be a fight-ender. Add the fact that he is 6-foot-5 with a 77½-inch reach he dwarfs most of his peers in the division.

But Riakporhe isn’t just all size and power. The 33-year-old is tactical and likes to lull his opponents into a false sense of security. Then when they let their guard down, even for a second, he unleashes a straight punch that can end their night. Thus, Riakporhe’s online gambling lines tend to be on the short side.

Can Glowacki Be More Than A Gatekeeper?

It’s back to the job for Glowacki who faces yet another up-and-coming boxer. The 36-year-old proved he “still got it” by knocking out Francisco Rivas Ruiz to snap a two-fight skid. But as his three losses suggest, he is a step below the likes of Lawrence Okolie and Oleksandr Usyk. There’s no shame in that.

But for Glowacki to go against the narrative, he will have to upset Riakporhe. That is a tall task as his durability is shot and while he does still hit with power, he’ll have a reach and speed disadvantage. He will need to find a way to throw Riakporhe off his game without putting himself in harm’s way.

Glowacki can look to extend this fight to the later rounds and hope Riakporhe loses some steam. His opponent also does not throw too many punches so Glowacki may be able to win rounds by being the more active boxer.

Riakporhe vs Glowacki Head-to-Head

Riakporhe will be taller than Glowacki by five inches and he sports a 2½-inch reach advantage. He is three years younger than Glowacki and boxes orthodox. Glowacki boxes southpaw.

Riakporhe vs Glowacki Fight Information

  • Records: Riakporhe (15-0-0, 11 KOs) vs Glowacki (32-3-0, 20 KOs)
  • Location: AO Arena, Manchester, UK
  • Day/Time: Saturday, Jan. 21st, 4 p.m. ET
  • Riakporhe vs Glowacki Live Stream: Box Live

Riakporhe vs Glowacki Betting Lines

Riakporhe vs Glowacki Picks & Prediction

When betting online here, parlay Riakporhe or bet on him to win by KO/TKO at -450. That is a better way to get more out of Riakporhe. Glowacki is still quick, skilled, and powerful. But he’s also more shopworn than Riakporhe. He may find some success early on then he will walk into a body shot that will fold him. But as a former champion, we’ll give him credit and bet this goes past the fifth round.

Richard Riakporhe is listed at -1000 in our Las Vegas boxing lines. This means that if you wager $100 on Riakporhe, you have a chance to win $10. Krzysztof Glowacki is +600, offering a chance to win $600 on a $100 wager.

The implied probability attached to the betting lines gives Riakporhe a 90.91% chance to win, with Glowacki at 14.29%.

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