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Shields vs Cornejo Prediction, Fight Preview, Live Stream, Odds and Picks

Shields Ready To Make Short Work of Late Replacement

It will not be the hotly anticipated rematch between Claressa Shields and Hannah Gabriels. Instead, Marcela Cornejo steps up on a week’s notice. Thanks to this late switch, the boxing lines now heavily favor Shields. It should be another dominant win for the self-proclaimed “GWOAT”. The question will be how easy she can make this match look.

Could Shields Finally Get a Finish?

Shields, who is one of the more powerful boxers, has just two knockout wins on her resume. She has not finished an opponent since Nikki Adler in 2017 in what was her fourth professional bout. And more peculiar is how Shields has as many knockdowns as she has been knocked down since: one.

Shields vs Cornejo Prediction, Fight Preview, Live Stream, Odds and Picks

There are a few reasons as to why Shields is lacking in the TKO department. For one, she’s occasionally fought bigger opponents. She fought natural super middleweights and juiced light heavyweights like Hannah Gabriels. As such, you can say that Shields has “punched up” often.

The other reason would be that once her opponents feel her punches, they become more defensive than usual. They turtle up and avoid engaging Shields. With women’s boxing only having two minute rounds, it’s easier to survive to the next round. But this is also how Shields beats most of her opponents: by sapping their confidence. She could still be overdue for a finish. Based on the online gambling odds, this could be it.

Can’t Count Cornejo Out Entirely

Every fan and their grandma, outside of Cornejo’s inner circle, have boxing picks against her. After all, she’s coming in on a week’s notice and has not fought anyone worth a damn in over two years. She’s padded her record by whooping on some jobbers down in Costa Rica.

But as far as skills go, Cornejo actually has plenty. She’s a unique middleweight in that she’s long like a super middleweight but boxes fleet-footed like a smaller boxer. This would work more to her advantage if she knew how to use it more effectively. She can pepper her opponents and avoid getting countered.

Unfortunately, Cornejo also hates getting hit. This is why she tends to be inactive for most of the fight. Against Shields, the best boxer she’ll face, she may not get the chance to show her skills. Cornejo will need to start fast and take the fight to Shields. If she does, she may just make some surprising boxing news. Don’t hold your breath.

Shields vs Cornejo Head-to-Head

As she’s accustomed to, Shields is boxing the bigger fighter. Cornejo is two inches taller and four inches longer in reach. But Shields is eight years younger than Cornejo. They both box right-handed (orthodox).

Shields vs Cornejo Fight Information

  • Records: Shields (C) (13-0-0, 2 KOs) vs Cornejo (16-5-0, 6 KOs)
  • Location: Little Caesars Arena, Detroit, MI
  • Day/Time: Saturday, June 3, 8 p.m. ET
  • Shields vs Cornejo Live stream: Box Live

Shields vs Cornejo Betting Lines

Shields vs Cornejo Picks and Prediction

The days of betting online on Shields at affordable odds are over. Now, it’s better to put Shields in a parlay. Alternatively, find a prop on Shields to win by KO (+230) as this could be the best bet online. Shields can work her taller opponent’s body and make her quit as she’s in over her head here.

Shields is listed at -5000 in our Vegas boxing lines. This means that if you wager $100 on Shields, you have a chance to win $2. Cornejo is +1200, offering a chance to win $1200 on a $100 wager.

The implied probability attached to the betting lines gives Shields a 98.04% chance to win, with Cornejo at 7.69%.

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