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Learn to Play and Win

Baccarat is one of the highest stakes and notorious games featured at many online casinos and BetUs has prepared a Baccarat Guide to get you ready to play online. It is exciting, fast-paced, and provides gamblers with amazing potential to win massive payouts.

While most casinos that offer baccarat play in secluded areas, online baccarat is easy to access and play at a wide variety of stakes.

Online Baccarat Basics

Players bet on either the ‘house’ or the ‘player’ to see whose cards total closest to 9.

Baccarat Card Values and Totals

Aces = 1
2-9 count as standard face value
10 and Face Cards = 0.

If a player is dealt 4 and 9, their total would not be 13, it would be three. Conversely, if a player was dealt 8 and 7, they would have 5, not 15. The cards cannot equal more than 9, so the final digit of the added-up score is the final tally.

Baccarat Dealing

A baccarat hand begins with 4 cards being dealt: 2 to the player and 2 to the dealer. If either of these hands equals 8 or 9, that’s called a natural and no more cards are dealt. If the hands add up to an equal number, that is a tie.

When neither a natural or a tie occurs, more cards will be dealt. The player will always get the cards before the host.

If a player’s hand adds up to 6 or more, then they will get no more cards.
If a player’s got 5 or less, they will be dealt another card.
Dealer must stand on 7 or higher.
If the dealer equals 2, 1, or 0, they must hit.
Depending on the 3rd card for the player, the dealer will either hit or stand.

Online Baccarat Payouts

Baccarat payouts are simple. If you bet correctly on the ‘player’ or ‘dealer’ hands, you will be paid 1-1. Betting correctly on a tie will result in an 8-1 payout.

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How to Play Baccarat

If you haven’t yet tried Baccarat but would like a quick run-through of the basics so you can give it a go, then firstly, don’t worry Baccarat is one of the simplest casino games you can play and secondly, this is the page for you. To begin with, this is a bettor’s game. There is very else little to do and no strategy needed to perfect.

Intro to the Game

In short, the game itself is about the player and the banker with your aim being to make a wager on which of the two will win. All you are required to do is logon, enter an online baccarat room, decide how many chips you want to wager in the game and decide where to place them.

The three bets you can make in Baccarat are the banker’s bet, the player’s bet, and the tie bet. One quick tip though is to ignore the tie option. The tie bet is the worst bet in the game and should be eliminated as an option as it will almost always end up being a losing bet. The banker’s bet, on the other hand, is the one with the lowest house edge and as such is the only way to minimize the risk element, thus providing a greater chance of winning.


In Baccarat the dealer uses six to eight decks of cards and each game begins with two hands being dealt, the aforementioned banker’s hand and player’s hand. Once those two hands have been dealt, you must calculate the value of each hand. However, the card values can differ slightly from other casino card games.


In Baccarat, 10s plus the face cards (Jack, Queen, and King) are all counted as zero. The numeric cards (two through nine) are each worth their face value while the Ace is worth one point. Remember that as far as hand values go, in the case of two-digit figures, only the second digit is counted.

What this means is that, in a hypothetical game, if the banker is holding 0+5 then he has a value of 5. Let’s say the player, who is the player to go first, has a hand that consists of an 8 plus a 4 which when put together equals 12. 12 is obviously higher than 5 but because only the 2 is counted, the banker’s hand is the winner. In Baccarat you may come across something referred to as a natural win. This is where the combined point tally of the first two cards equates to either the 8 or 9 and can’t be beaten because the aim of the game is to get the closest to nine points.

Count up the Points

Should neither player make a natural win the likelihood is that you will require one more card on the table because the player is holding a total that is too short to reach the required tally. If this is not the case, the banker stays on his total and also draws another card. As soon as the cards have been dealt, it’s a simple case of counting up the points to find your winner.


That winner will be which one of the two gets closest to nine points. Sometimes, however, nobody will win and both opponents will amass the same points tally, hence the option to bet on a tie. As mentioned earlier though, ignore this option. Why? Because of the house edge that’s why. And it’s also because of that house edge that means that backing the banker will, more often than not, pay dividends making it the best way to win at Baccarat.

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Other Helpful Articles About Baccarat



Baccarat  the name of the game; it is Italian for zero, which is the worst hand a player can get.

Banker the player sitting in the dealer position; the banker is also generally the person that collects and pays the bets.

Banque a popular North American baccarat variant.


House Edge  the casino’s long-term advantage at any casino game.


Shoe  a box holding several decks from which the baccarat hands are dealt.

Strategy  a way of playing that improves your odds of winning.


Chemin de Fer  a popular European baccarat variant; the name literally translates as “railroad” and the game is called such because of the way the deck rotates around the table.


Labouchere  a popular betting system wherein a player raises their bet after every loss.


Tie – when the player and banker hands are equal in value, in most baccarat variants the tie goes to the banker.


Draw  When another card must be added to a hand.


Martingale  another popular negative progression betting system.

Mini baccarat a scaled-down American version of offline and online baccarat.

Modulo the method in which baccarat hands are valued wherein the ten space of the total is dropped.


Go bank  to go head to head with the banker for the full value of their stake.


Pallet a long and wide wooden utensil used to cut and move the baccarat cards.

Player the hand that opposes the banker hand, or a participant in the game.

Punter the non-active player positions.

Punto Banco – a popular North American baccarat variant; the name translates literally as “player banker” which are the two opposing positions in the game.