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Baccarat – A Great Beginner’s Game

Don’t let the James Bond/high-class reputation of baccarat scare you away from playing it because this game is great for beginning gamblers.
There’s really not much strategy involved – aside from resisting urges to make high-risk bets – so baccarat is excellent for people who want to try table games. This being said, let’s take a look at some of the features that make baccarat a good game for beginners.

Three Main Bets

While there are side bets in baccarat depending on the variation you play, there are only three main bets; you can bet on the banker’s hand to win, you can bet on the player’s hand to win or you can bet on both hands tying. This eliminates having to study a lot of strategies in order to be successful like with blackjack and video poker.

The Banker Bet is Superior

Out of the three bets, you can make, one is superior in terms of strategy, which further simplifies the game. The top bet is the banker hand because it only gives the house a 1.06% advantage; in reality, you actually have the advantage, but you have to pay a 5% commission on wins.
Aside from the banker bet, the only other wager you should consider is the player bet. The player bet gives the house a 1.24% edge, which is just slightly off of the banker bet. So if you ever get bored, you can place a few player bets. One bet you don’t want to make – even if you’re bored – is the tie bet. The tie bet gives the house a 14.4% edge making it one of the worst wagers in any game.

Avoid High Limits as a Beginner

While you may not have enough money to play high limits, those of you who are considering it should not play high stakes baccarat as a beginner. Players have to deal in high-stakes baccarat, which can add some intimidation to your first experience. Of course, you can always learn how to deal a baccarat game if you’re dead set on playing high limits in a land-based casino.

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