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Baccarat draws many similarities to blackjack in that discarded cards don’t get replaced until the decks are shuffled again. With this being true, many people wonder if they can gain an advantage over the casino by counting cards just like professional blackjack players do. After all, if the cards aren’t replaced and reshuffled after every turn, you can track what cards are still left in the deck. So the big question here is the following: does baccarat card counting work?

What the Experts Say

Everybody from Edward Thorpe (father of modern card counting) to Peter Griffin (gambling expert) has spent lots of time studying baccarat card counting. And in every case, the experts say that effective baccarat card counting is impossible. Even the best baccarat card counters earn no more than a few nickels and dimes after counting for hours.

Baccarat card counting is one of the most complex endeavors in the gambling world. So even if you wanted to count cards in baccarat, you would have to put hours and hours into the matter. Along with this, favorable situations only arise once and a while in every baccarat shoe, which means that you are spending a long time counting for just a few advantageous spots. All in all, baccarat card counting is a pretty fruitless effort.

Online Baccarat

Since you can’t successfully count cards in baccarat, this makes playing baccarat online just as profitable as playing it in a land-based casino. Plus you can just stick to the banker bet and play against a 1.06% edge anyways, which means you’re almost making even money bets without having to do any thinking at all.

Sure it’s disappointing that you can’t count cards in baccarat, but it’s also important to realize that this is one of the best casino games anyways (in terms of house edge), so you can still make lots of profits with a basic strategy.

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