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One thing is always clear in baccarat strategy: don’t play the tie bet! The reason why you don’t want to play the tie bet is that it gives the house an obscene 14.4% edge. These ranks tie bets among the top sucker bets in all of online gambling. Of course, one thing to note about the idea that you should never play tie bets is how the payouts can change everything. This being said, let’s take a look at how payouts affect the house edge with tie bets, and when it’s okay to make them.

9-to-1 Payout

The average online casino only makes 8-to-1 payouts on tie bets; when coupled with a 9.55% chance of winning tie bets, this is where the house gets its 14.4% edge. Any sane person can tell you that frequently making tie bets is bankroll suicide despite the nice payout you can receive.

Seeing as how casinos know players won’t wager on the tie bet with poor odds, some are willing to change the payout for a tie bet to 9-to-1. Now, this might not seem like a whole lot, but it actually reduces the house edge from 14.4%, all the way down to 4.8%. With a 9-to-1 payout, tie bets are actually better than some of the other casino wagers out there such as any American roulette bet. Plus the high payout makes the tie bet a fun one to make!

Should you make 9-to-1 Payout Tie Bets?

With the house edge under 5% on 9-to-1 payout tie bets, you might be tempted to make a lot more of these wagers; however, your better judgment should still tell you to stay away. Despite the higher payouts and excitement of winning a bet worth this much, your best option still lies with the player and banker bets.

The banker bet only gives the house a 1.06% edge, while player bets offer a 1.24 % house edge. In either case, you have a much better chance of making profits with these bets over the long-term.

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