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As anybody who has played baccarat can tell you, the betting options are pretty limited. You can bet on the banker’s hand to win, the player’s hand to win, or both hands to tie. Of course, there are some interesting side bets you can make depending on what land-based or online casino you’re playing at; but in most cases, you’ll be stuck with the aforementioned 3 bets.

That being said, some players like to try all 3 of the main bets in order to add some variety to baccarat. And while this might seem like a totally harmless move, it is very harmful to your bankroll – especially when making the tie bet!

Worst Odds in the Game

As mentioned before, the baccarat tie bet is not a good wager to make. And if you’re looking for evidence as to why it is such a bad wager, you need to look no further than the 14.44% advantage that the households over players. Sure a winning tie bet will offer an 8-1 payout, but the few times you win won’t be worth the big house edge, and the fact that you will only win tie bets about 9.4% of the time.

So no matter how bored you are with the banker (and possibly player) bets, it is never a good idea to relieve that boredom with a tie bet. If you still can’t resist the urge to place a tie bet, make sure that you only do it once during a session.

One of the Worst Bets Period

Besides being the worst bet in baccarat, the tie wager is also one of the worst bets in all of gambling. The 14.44% house edge ranks right up there with blackjack insurance, craps proposition bets, and pretty much any keno bet. There is absolutely no reason to make the baccarat tie bet unless you’re totally drunk in the casino; even then, it’s a questionable decision that will cost you lots of money.

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