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Baccarat on Hunches

Sometimes it’s too hard for people to conceive how easy baccarat strategy is. As most baccarat players know, your number one bet lies with the banker hand, which only has a 1.06% house edge in a 6-deck game. The next best bet is the player hand, which has a 1.24% house edge over the long run. In either case, both bets are pretty good in terms of a low house advantage, and you can mix and match them to have some fun.

The majority of baccarat players also know to avoid tie bets like the plague because they give the house a ridiculous 14.4% edge. Fortunately, players rarely make the mistake of wagering on the player and banker hand to tie.

But one mistake that many baccarat players do make is playing on hunches. For example, they’ll lose three single bets in a row on the banker’s hand, and then they’ll triple their next bet on the banker’s hand. The idea is that, since you’ve lost several hands in a row, you have a hunch that the next bet is going to see the banker’s hand win.

In any case, doubling, tripling, or quadrupling baccarat bets based on a hunch is not going to lead to long-term profits. In fact, it’s the quickest way to lose a large part of your bankroll in no time.

Now, this isn’t to say that you have to stick with some rigid betting system where you only put one unit on either the banker or player to win and hope to make profits over the short-term. Instead, you should be aware that jumping back and forth between bet sizes based on hunches isn’t going to make a big difference in your winnings.

A better idea is to stick to a certain unit size – such as two or three units per bet – and keep making those wagers throughout the play. As mentioned before, you can also switch between player and banker bets to add some variety to your betting strategy. Above all, note that you shouldn’t look to pile on quick riches by frequently upping your bet sizes.

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