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In terms of gambling strategy, baccarat is a pretty boring game because nearly every player bets on the banker’s hand to win so they can lower the house edge to 1.06%. Seeing as how betting on the banker’s hand every time is monotonous, many baccarat players like to mix things up with a system. If you find yourself bored to death at the baccarat table and yearning to try out a system, why not use the following easy-to-learn system.

Simple Baccarat System

Far and away, the most common baccarat system involves watching trends with the banker’s hand and increasing/decreasing bet sizes based on those trends. For example, let’s say that the banker’s hand wins three times in a row; this would cause many players to be leery about the banker hand’s chances of winning four times in a row, so they would decrease their next bet from $10 to $5. On the other hand, assuming the player hand won five times in a row, players can predict that the banker’s hand is going to win next, and increase their bet size from $5 to $10.

The basic logic behind this system is that any hand on a winning streak is bound to stop winning eventually. And when this happens, you can either increase or decrease your bet size to capitalize on this trend.

Problems with this System

The biggest problem with this baccarat system is that the trends don’t really mean a thing. For instance, if you notice the player hand win seven times in a row, it doesn’t mean there’s a better chance of the banker’s hand winning next time. Sure it might seem logical to assume this, but you also have to think about what may have occurred before you arrived at the table. Who knows….maybe the banker’s hand won 12 times in a row earlier in the day, which more than makes up for the seven-player hand wins in a row that happened when you were playing.

In any case, the simple baccarat strategy of betting on trends with the banker’s hand is merely something fun to try while breaking the monotony of the game.

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