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One thing that many baccarat players don’t take into account is how the number of decks used affects the outcome. But ignoring this factor can result in you making less money at the tables, and suffering through more losing sessions as a result. So in the spirit of knowing where your best odds lie, let’s examine how baccarat odds differ based on the amount of decks involved.

One Deck

If you can find a one-deck game of baccarat, play it! That’s because one-deck baccarat offers you the best possible chance of winning in baccarat. Banker bets in one-deck baccarat only give the house a 1.01% edge, which is one of the lowest in all of gambling. The downside to playing baccarat with one deck is that both the player and banker wagers offer worse odds than with multiple decks. Player bets in a one-deck game give the house a 1.29% advantage while tie wagers offer the house a whopping 15.57% edge.

6 Decks

With six decks, the banker wagers become a little less profitable. That’s because the house grabs a 1.056% edge over gamblers on six-deck banker bets. Fortunately, both the player and tie bets offer better odds with 6 decks; a tie bet in six-deck baccarat will give the house a 14.44% edge while player bets give the house a 1.24% edge.

8 Decks

Your chances of winning with both the player and tie wagers improve slightly with 8 decks. The player bets give the house a 1.235% edge while the tie wager provides the house with a 14.36% edge. In both cases, you stand to make a little more money if you’re into the riskier baccarat bets. Unfortunately, craps best bet in the banker wager loses even more value since the households a 1.58% edge. Sure this isn’t a big jump up from six decks, but it’s enough to cut into the profits of serious players.

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