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How long do you expect to play?

Perhaps the biggest question that needs to be addressed is how long you expect to be playing. Are you just looking at playing a single blackjack session with friends and aren’t really interested in the long-term? Do you have thoughts of sitting down at the blackjack table every night for four hours a night? The longer you want to play, the bigger your bankroll needs to be.

Do you plan on alternating your bets through a system?

Another item that needs to be looked at is your betting patterns. Now most players can only afford to stick with the minimum $5 bets at low-stakes tables. However, if you’re more serious about the game, you might try a system involving skewed bets such as $5 on one hand, $15 on the next hand, $10 on the following hand, etc. If you plan on trying anything such as this, you will need a larger bankroll.

How many spots will you play?

One more important question involves how many spots you wish to play. Some players like to play multiple spots in a session so they have more chances at getting the hot cards. Obviously the more spots you are playing, the more money you’ll need to have in your bankroll.

Putting this information to use

Once you address these three issues, you can begin doing some math to figure out a good starting bankroll. General guidelines suggest that you should have at least 30 or 40 times the minimum table bet in your bankroll. This is a good number to start with, but you should customize it to fit your playing goals by using the aforementioned three questions.

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