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Blackjack Card

Many Blackjack pros will openly tell you that the only way to truly profit from the game is to master a comprehensive card counting system. Some systems assign a value to every card, some systems generalize by having you count cards as either high or low, and some cards only count specific cards like Aces. As a general rule, the more specific a system is the greater edge it will give a player.

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The simplest blackjack card counting system that’s commonly promoted is called Wizard Ace/Five after its creator the Wizard of Odds. As its name implies, this system advises players to only count spent Aces and fives and to adjust their bet accordingly when the deck‘s value is in their favor. In most cases, the end result is that this system is so limited it’s virtually worthless, especially as larger shoes become more common.

The expanded but still easy version of the Ace/Five system is the High/Low blackjack card counting system. While it may be more challenging to keep an accurate running tally while using the High/Low strategy, you’ll get a more accurate read on your remaining deck.

With the High/Low online blackjack system, the value of your deck begins at 0. You’ll adjust that value with every card that’s dealt. Cards of 6 or smaller will add +1 to your total. The 7, 8, or 9 cards are worth 0. The 10, face cards, and Ace are worth -1. You can use the value of the deck to help you to decide whether to hit or stand in tricky situations (like with a hard 16).

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