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The fantasy of blackjack card counting involves flying first class to lavish casino destinations, winning enormous amounts of money every weekend, and partying hard afterward. However, the reality of card counting is more like a bunch of low-stakes counters taking a casino trip once a month, while hoping to pull in profits by making $5 and $10 bets. Since reality happens more frequently than fantasy, let’s take an in-depth look at low-stakes blackjack card counting.

Small Bankroll equals Small Goals

As a low-stakes blackjack card counter, you shouldn’t be forming unrealistic goals of trying to earn $100,000 in a night or fund your retirement. Instead, your initial goal should be to get better at the mechanics of keeping counts, earning consistent profits, and playing with a positive expectation. In addition to this, you might want to shoot for some extra comps by talking to the pit boss before beginning play (don’t talk to him about card counting though). You can also make a goal to earn a small hourly rate while you’re playing too.

Any Profit is a Good Profit

If you’re able to earn a positive hourly rate as a low-stakes card counter, you should be happy. Even earning $2 or $3 an hour by counting is far better than losing $8 or $9 an hour while using regular strategy. If you do the math, making $2 or $3 an hour is like making $10 an hour when normal losses are taken into consideration. Throw in the aforementioned comps that you can earn by playing, and you’ll be earning a tidy little sum for successful counting.

Big Profits require a Big Bankroll

Almost everybody gets into counting because they eventually want to make big long-term profits. However, if you want to do this, you’re going to need to build a bigger bankroll. The obvious reason why is because you need to make much larger bets when the count is in your favor, and you can’t afford to do this as a low-stakes player. In short, build your bankroll outside of the game so you can eventually make some major money.

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