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If you visit gambling forums much, you’ll find thousands of people claiming to be professional roulette players. They say that they’re making an incredible living off of the game, and mention how their winnings are double the losses. And while you may immediately discount all of this as B.S., it’s worth diving into the matter a little further to see if there are, in fact, professional roulette players.

No Roulette System is proven to win

For all of the people out there claiming that their roulette system is guaranteed to beat the house, it’s funny how no systems have ever been scientifically proven as winners. Sure these systems are fun to try and could bring you massive profits over the short-term, but over the long-term, roulette is a negative expectation game. Basically, no system is going to turn you into a full-time, professional roulette player.

However, this isn’t to say that you can’t drastically improve your roulette game by playing a lot. In fact, sticking around the tables and making good bets is how people go on those million-dollar runs that you hear about. But to think that you can sit there and grind out a few thousand dollars in profit every single week isn’t very practical….unless of course, you are a wheel bias expert.

Wheel Bias

A handful of men throughout history have managed to perfect a theory called “wheel bias,” where they record results from roulette wheels to see what numbers the wheel favors. If a roulette wheel is off by just a little bit, a gambler could theoretically place bets on the favored numbers and gains a 5% edge (or more) on the house.

Some gambling experts contend that wheel bias is a myth, and believe that it would take over 100,000 spins to find a biased wheel. However, there is proof that some wheel bias experts have consistently beaten the casino; Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo is one such man as he won millions of dollars playing roulette, and was banned throughout many casinos in Spain and America.

In any case, successful wheel bias experts are about as close as you’re going to get to a professional roulette player.

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