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While roulette isn’t one of the most favorable games in terms of house edge – especially American Roulette – it is a nice game as far as betting variety goes. You can make safe, near-even money bets or you can make wagers that offer huge 35:1 payouts.

Of course, with this wide range of bets, you might also need some help deciding what bets to choose. Here’s a guide to help you make those decisions.

How Long do you want to Play?

The first thing you need to think about with roulette is how long you want to play. Assuming you’re trying to survive for six hours on a $300 bankroll, you need to make as many low, even money wagers as possible.

However, if you have $1,000 and don’t mind risking it all in an hour, you can throw in a lot of expensive, riskier bets.

Once you know how long you want to play, you’ll have a better idea as to what kind of casino betting you can make.

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Coming up with a Plan

After you decide how long you want to play, it’s time to come up with a plan. In order to avoid a bunch of complicated math, it’s easiest to start your plan by looking at near-even money bets and go from there.

So assuming you wanted to play American roulette (house edge is 5.26% on most bets) for four hours, the wheel spins 45 times in an hour (180 total spins), and you make $5 bets, your initial formula would look like this: $5 * 0.0526 * 180 spins = $47.34.

Theoretically, you’re only going to lose $47.34 over a four-hour span by making $5 even money bets. Assuming you have a $400 bankroll and aren’t scared to it in this session, you have some leeway to make higher/riskier bets that aren’t as likely to result in wins. For example, you could roll the dice and make a $10 single number bet (37:1 odds of winning, 35:1 payout) once on while to make the session more exciting. But with a $150 bankroll, you’d be better off sticking to $5 even-money wagers in case you went on a losing streak.

Deciding how to bet your roulette bankroll is never an exact science. However, you can feel a lot better about the bets you make by coming up with a plan.

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