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Sometimes the best place to look when trying to beat the house edge is at successful players from the past. And roulette is full of legendary and successful players who made a fortune off of beating the house. In fact, here is a quick look at some of these players, and their strategies for successfully beating the casino in roulette.

Ashley Revell

One of the most extreme gambling strategies involves finding an even-money bet and betting your entire bankroll on this wager. The thinking is that you minimize your exposure to the house’s long-term edge this way. Ashley Revell must have really believed in this strategy because he sold $135,000 worth of his possessions in 2004, and placed all of the money on red in a red/black roulette bet. Revell certainly picked the right color as his wager won, and he walked out of Las Vegas’ Plaza Hotel with $270,000!

Charles Wells

Wells is one of the most famous gamblers of all time since he broke the bank at Monte Carlo dozens of times. There was even a famous song composed about Wells called “The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo.” Wells made two different trips to Monte Carlo, and he won millions of francs during the trips. On Wells’ third trip to Monte Carlo, he broke the bank six more times before losing all of the money. After losing everything, he was also extradited to England for defrauding investors with numerous fake inventions. Going back to his prolonged roulette success, Wells’ big secret was that he used the Martingale, which involves doubling bets after every loss.

Joseph Jagger

Although people didn’t sing songs about him, Jagger was actually the first man to break the bank at Monte Carlo. He was also a pioneer in the wheel bias theory since he worked with a team of players to watch wheels throughout the casino and detect bias. This strategy earned Jagger and the team well over $300,000, which was an astronomical amount of money back then.

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