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The house edge is the same on nearly every roulette bet, which means there isn’t much strategy involved with the bets you make. But this certainly doesn’t mean that you should make any roulette bet because there’s more to the equation – namely win frequency.

And depending on the size of your roulette bankroll, win frequency could be the most important concept to you. With that in mind, let’s cover the basics of roulette win frequency and how you can use it to your advantage.

Roulette Win Frequency Basics

In American roulette, which is the most common version, every bet gives the house a 5.26% edge (except for the 5 numbers bet, which we’ll cover later). So if you make a 1 to 12 dozens bet, the house has the same advantage on you as with a red/black bet. However, your odds of winning are drastically different since the dozens bet will only win 31.58% of the time while the red/black bet wins 47.37% of the time.

This being the case, red/black is one of the best bets you can make in terms of win frequency along with high/low and odd/even; all of these bets offer a 47.37% probability of winning. Assuming your bankroll is only $100 and it relegates you to playing $5 roulette, you should stick with these bets the entire session. They have the highest win frequency, and you’re hopefully going to keep getting wins to boost your bankroll with these bets.

You should not, however, make bets with low win frequencies like the single number wager (2.63% chance of winning), split bet (5.26% chance of winning), and the street bet (7.89% chance of winning). These bets don’t win very often, so your session will be done pretty quickly if you make these wagers.

Worst Roulette Bet

Along with making bets with a high win frequency, you also want to avoid making the 5 numbers bet because it’s the worst wager in terms of the house edge. In American roulette, a 5 numbers bet gives the house a 7.89% advantage. On top of this, it also has a low win frequency at 13.16%.

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