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While very little has changed in the live roulette arena, online roulette is always evolving thanks to constant advances in online casino software and technology. At your small local casinos, you’ll be lucky to find a roulette table at all, and even then you’ll have to settle for just one variation (generally the less generous American one).

When you play roulette online, not only can you find an active roulette table instantly, but you also have your pick of American or European roulette games, with some other interesting online-only perks.

First, you’ll never have to wait for a place at an online roulette table since online casinos can support a virtually unlimited number of players.

Second, not only can you choose between wheel types, but you can choose between real money or fun-only roulette games too.

Chat Roulette

Some online casinos add extra oomph to their roulette tables by offering random bonuses or progressive jackpots while others include the game in their regular player tournaments. The recent introduction of a social concept called “ChatRoulette” has also affected the way that online casinos conduct their online roulette games.

In the past, the only thing realistic about online roulette was the graphics. At best there might be an animated dealer or a side window for player chats.

While chat roulette itself has nothing at all to do with the classic casino game, its concept of connecting people through random webcam chats has now been adopted by many online casinos.

The end result is a more interactive experience that pairs live roulette table hosts with a real-time audience of roulette players.

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