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Most gamblers accept the fact that the house is going to have a slight edge on them when they play at a land-based or online casino.  However, there are other gamblers who refuse to be slaves to the house edge…..in fact, they don’t really gamble at all.  Instead, there are people who are willing to cheat in order to beat roulette.  Here is a look at some of the more interesting roulette cheating methods.

Chip Placing

The oldest method of roulette cheating involves waiting for the dealer to look down at a winning bet, then doing any of the following: moving losing chips to a winning bet, removing a losing wager, or placing chips where a winning bet should be.  This cheating method is one of the oldest and most blatant methods used.

Wired Shoes

As time has advanced, roulette cheating methods have gotten more and more intricate.  Take the story of Hungarian gambler Laszlo Kovacs and his wired shoes for example.  Kovacs wired his shoes with a small computer that calculated the velocity of the roulette wheel to find out where the ball would land next.  When he tapped the shoe on the ground, a signal would be sent to the tiny earpiece he was wearing.  Kovacs won over $200,000 using this device before being arrested in an Australian casino for cheating.

Laser Scanner

If you thought that Kovacs’ winning $200k was impressive, then look at the case where three people used a cell phone complete with a laser scanner to beat the house to the tune of $2 million.  The laser in the cell phone could predict where the ball would land on the wheel based on the dealer’s spinning force and wheel velocity.  It’s been debated as to whether or not the device was actually the cause of their good fortune, but a $2 million profit in roulette is evidence enough.

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