3x3 Victory Lane Slots

Grab the Checkered Flag and Cash out Big! Check out 3x3 Victory Lane Slots in the online casino!

3x3 Victory Lane Slots - Game Guide

3x3 Victory Lane Slots offer players the chance to win money playing an Indy Car themed slot machine game! 3x3 Victory Lane Slots is a three reel slot game that pays off starting from three consecutive Racecar Helmets.

If you play 20 coins, the max, the payout table starts with one coin for three Racecar Helmets then goes to four coins three Odometers, eight coins for three Checkered Flags, 20 coins for three Start Engines, fifty coins for three Crew Chiefs, one hundred coins for three Indy Cars, two hundred coins for three Tires, and five hundred coins for three Trophies. With so many ways to win, 3x3 Victory Lane Slots is guaranteed to provide hours of enjoyment and plenty of slot winning action!

3x3 Victory Lane Slots - How to Play

The key to playing 3x3 Victory Lane Slots is to first choose how many coins you want to play, 1 up to 20. The minimum bet is .05 cents while the maximum bet is $1. In 3x3 Victory Lane Slots, the coin value is always .05 cents. You can play up to 20 coins, 20 x .05 = $1

Once you’ve decided how much money to play, all you have to do is spin and watch the Indy Car symbols make you money! You get paid on three consecutive symbols going up/down, across, or diagonally.

3x3 Victory Lane Slots – Minimum and Maximum Bet Amounts

The minimum bet in 3x3 Victory Lane Slots is $.05.

The maximum bet in 3x3 Victory Lane Slots is $1.

3x3 Victory Lane Slots – Payouts

The 3x3 Victory Lane Slots payout table shows what you win for the number of each symbol. See below for symbol payouts:

Racecar Helmet – Pays up to 1 for 20 coins played.

Odometer – Pays up to 4 for 20 coins played.

Checkered Flag - Pays up to 8 for 20 coins played.

Start Engines – Pays up to 20 for 20 coins played.

Crew Chief – Pays up to 50 for 20 coins played.

Indy Car – Pays up to 100 for 20 coins played.

Tire – Pays up to 200 for 20 coins played.

Trophy – Pays up to 500 for 20 coins played.

3x3 Victory Lane Slots – Game Controls

The game controls in 3x3 Victory Lane Slots are the Bet One and Bet Max buttons, the Spin button, the Coins Bet tool and the Payout Table on the side. Payouts for each symbol will change according to the number of coins played.

3x3 Victory Lane Slots – Symbols/Characters

The symbols used in 3x3 Victory Lane Slots are the Racecar Helmet, Odometer, Checkerd Flag, Start Engines, Crew Chief, Indy Car, Tire and Trophy.

3x3 Victory Lane Slots – Rules

The rules for 3x3 Victory Lane Slots are simple. If you get consecutive symbols either up/down, across, or diagonally, you win. You win according to the payout table.

Slots Games – Glossary

bet max – Betting the max coins for each play or spin.

bet one – Bet one coin for each play or spin.

bonus feature – The bonus round or something akin to the bonus round in a slot machine. Almost every slot game has a bonus feature.

bonus round – An extra round that you can play after winning during a regular round of slot play.

coin in / coin out – Refers to the coins played (in) and the coins received after play (out).

coins – The monetary value that is used to play slot games. The coin can have a denomination of .1 cent for penny slots, all the way up to $25 or more for high limit slots.

credits – Coins convert to credits once they are in the machine. If you put 50 coins into a machine where each coin is worth $1, your credits will be $50.

five liner – A slot game with three reels and five payout lines.

free spin – A type of bonus feature in a slot game.

hot slots – A slot game that is “loose”, one that pays out more often than other games.

jackpot – The top prize that a slot machine can pay out.

loose slots – Slot games that pays out more than other slot games.

payline – The line in a slot game where winning combinations on the reels must hit in order for the game to payout.

payout – The amount won for a winning combination in a slot game.

pay table – The signage in a slot game that tells the player what different combinations pay out.

progressive slots – Slot games with a jackpot that continues to grow until it is won.

spin – To spin means to pull a lever or press a button on a slot game in order to make the reels move.

symbols – Different pictures in various slot games.

scatter symbol – The symbol in slot games that will lead to bonuses. Often times that bonus will be free spins.

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