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Keep your finger on the pulse with our college basketball news. Whether it’s Kentucky recruiting the next big thing or the latest March Madness bracket update, we have it covered. Getting fresh news is necessary for understanding college basketball odds, so stay updated.

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There’s never a shortage of college basketball news, with conference realignment, NIL, and new rankings each week. Thanks to our writers at BetUS, fans can stay updated on it all in one place, the Locker Room.

Our college basketball writers provide updates on the latest breaking news and injury reports for both the blue bloods and small-market teams, but that’s not all they report on. Using college basketball odds, they give insight into the teams who are expected to be conference favorites and which ones could be bubble squads for the Big Dancel. 

The NCAA basketball season is exciting, and with it culminating in one of the most exciting sports tournaments in March Madness, bettors will want to keep their fingers on the pulse of NCAAB news from our Locker Room staff.

Our writers do research to offer their insights throughout the season on potential March Madness championship contenders while breaking down the 68-team field following Selection Sunday as well.

There’s plenty of NCAA basketball news to be consumed throughout the season, so be sure to head to the Locker Room to stay up-to-date and go to the sportsbook to find the best NCAAB picks




  • How are teams selected for March Madness?

There are 68 teams selected for the NCAA basketball tournament. Of those 68 teams, 32 secure automatic bids by winning their respective conference tournaments. The Selection Committee then chooses the 36 at-large teams through computer metrics, qualities of wins and losses, head-to-head results and more.

  • Why is it called March Madness?

The term first came about in 1939 when Henry V. Porter called the Illinois High School basketball tournament “March Madness” after talking about the way fans got excited about the annual tournament. It didn’t become associated with the NCAA Tournament until 1982, when CBS broadcaster Brent Musburger used it during his coverage after hearing it in car dealership commercials.

  • What is the Wooden Award?

The John R. Wooden Award is the award given every year to the best college basketball player of the season. There are 1,000 sportswriters and broadcasters, representing the 50 states, who vote for the winner up until after the third round of the NCAA Tournament.