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Caitlin Clark & Paige Bueckers Player Props as UConn Faces Iowa In The Final 4

This is the matchup that’s been years in the making, the duel the entire women’s game has been dying to witness. On one side, you have the reigning queen of college basketball – the Human Torch herself, Caitlin Clark. The Iowa super-scorer has been singeing nets at a mind-bending rate, dominating the sport with a ruthless offensive barrage never before seen on the amateur level.

In the opposite corner stands Paige Bueckers, once Clark’s peer atop the sport before a series of devastating injuries. Now, the former UConn Player of the Year is back and determined to reclaim her throne as the Huskies’ latest folk hero. Two elite scorers, two unique journeys, one epic Final Four showdown to possibly decide it all.

Caitlin Clark will face Paige Bueckers in the Women’s Final Four
Caitlin Clark #22 of the Iowa Hawkeyes/Andy Lyons/Getty Images/AFP

Both Clark and Bueckers are already national phenomenons, with Clark’s Elite 8 duel with LSU drawing over 12 million viewers – unheard of numbers for the college game. Fans are simply enraptured by their fiery offensive talents and coldly confident air. With so much hype and so many storylines converging, it’s no wonder this matchup feels destined for instant classic status before they even take the floor.


Let’s run down just what makes this Final Four battle between Bueckers and Clark so tantalizing:


Caitlin Clark & Paige Bueckers Stats

Clark is putting up the gaudiest numbers in recent college hoops memory with 32 points, 9 assists and 7 boards per game this season. Her college career averages (28.5 ppg, 8.3 apg, 7.1 rpg over 137 games) utterly dwarf past greats like Breanna Stewart and Maya Moore. Clark is an offensive juggernaut the likes we may never see again.

Meanwhile, Bueckers is no slouch herself at 22 ppg, 5.2 rpg, and 3.9 apg. Perhaps most impressively, she’s been ruthlessly efficient, hitting a blistering 53.4% from the field compared to Clark’s 46% clip. Clutch shotmaking could prove crucial against the ever-aggressive Iowa star.



2024 Women’s Final Four Player Props


Caitlin Clark & Paige Bueckers Combined Point Total:

  • 60 or more: -200
  • 70 or more: +300


Caitlin Clark will score a triple-double and Iowa Will Beat UConn: +550


Caitlin Clark’s point total vs UConn:

  • 33.5 Over: -130
  • 33.5 Under: -110


Caitlin Clark’s 3-pointer total vs UConn:

  • Over 6.5: -125
  • Under 6.5: -115


Caitlin Clark’s rebounds total vs UConn:

  • Over 6.5: -130
  • Under 6.5: -110


Caitlin Clark’s assists total vs UConn:

  • Over 9.5: -130
  • Under 9.5: -110


Caitlin Clark’s points + rebounds + assists total vs UConn:

  • Over 52.5: -125
  • Under 52.5: -115



Caitlin Clark & Paige Bueckers History

Don’t forget, this isn’t the first time Bueckers and Clark have danced. They first clashed in the 2021 Sweet 16, with the heavily-favored Huskies overwhelming Clark’s upstart Hawkeyes. Bueckers emerged victorious in that initial battle…but two years later, the tides have clearly shifted in Clark’s favor.

So many questions linger: Can the wounded Bueckers regain her past dominance? Does Clark’s all-world talent simply outclass the field at this point? Can the underdog Huskies keep the unstoppable Hawkeye offense in check? We’re about to find out once and for all which of these elite scorers truly rules the realm.


The Stakes

There’s nothing quite like the pressure and prestige of the Final Four stage. Both Bueckers and Clark are chasing their first national title, with legacies, draft stocks, and basketball immortality all hanging in the balance of this colossal showdown. Seasons will be defined, careers will be shaped – it’s the ultimate proving ground for the biggest stars.

Hype for this clash is already reaching a fever pitch, but come Friday night, the full force of the basketball world’s attention will be aimed squarely at the court. Bueckers vs. Clark is about to become the can’t-miss event of 2023.

May the best hooper win.


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